Brandakin® Social Media

A tailored approach to help your business achieve its social media goals without all the stress!

I offer a variety of services through my Brandakin Social Media business! See the services and their descriptions below to see if one of them is something you could benefit from! 


Social Media Management

This involves managing multiple social media accounts to ensure the best times, captions, and hashtags are used to increase growth and social media presence. Each business is allowed to customize their plan to best fit their needs.

Content Creation

I can make flyers, advertisements, Instagram highlight covers, and more! These creations can eliminate your stress and brighten up your page!

Influencer Marketing

I help you find the best people to advertise your business! I take care of finding the right individual to represent your brand, reaching out to them to propose the collaboration, keeping up with deadlines, and engaging with all of the influencer marketing posts. 

Social Media Audits

These audits consist of meetings (varying on your business’s needs) where I take a look at your social media pages, analyze insights, and interpret the information I find! I can inform you of your business’s engagement rate, hashtag strategy, and other means of growth at that present time. Audits are best helpful when paired with Social Media Strategy Consulting.

Social Media Strategy Consulting

An audit helps your business determine where your business’s social media presence is at but a Strategy Consulting meeting can help you learn different tools that will assist in growing your business in the social media world. Hashtags, captions, and engagement are just a few of the many social media solutions that can be discussed! 

Email Marketing Management

Email lists are so important to businesses because you own your email lists! Plus, it’s another way to reach your customers with new products, coupons, or deals! But, it can be overwhelming to create those and send them every week. Don’t worry, I can do the work for you!


Need help with captions, product descriptions, or blog posts? Writing is a huge favorite of mine and I have written for The Nice Center and Emerging Prairie over the years! If you need help with anything writing wise, I can help with that!

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