Owning Your Own Ish!

Ever since I was younger I hated “failing”. I would try everything within my power to not make a mistake and honestly, if I did make one, I tried to think of ways I could hide it or exaggerate it to make it less of a “mistake”. My therapy sessions have really helped me nail down why I have such a hard time with making mistakes and failing. I’m really thankful I reached out for help in this area because it’s a complex issue.

This can sometimes be really hard to do because it can feel defeating. Kind of like you failed? But I see it more as growth. Or at least I’m learning too!

Has there ever been a time that you made a mistake and the thought of admitting it to someone makes your skin crawl? Or makes you go into fight or flight mode? I know it does for me. This is actually something I’m working on with my therapist!

I have a hard time accepting that I made a mistake and that it doesn’t directly correlate with my value or worth. For me, making a mistake makes me feel like I’m not good enough, I should just quit everything I’m doing, or that I’m the only one who fails. This feeling causes me to have an emotional and physical response that lasts for days and can be extremely debilitating.

I think focusing on being aware, having self compassion, and understanding the bigger picture will help me cope with these situations (at least that’s what my therapist says) 

I’m ready to put in the work and OWN MY ISH!!! Are you?

*I would love to have a conversation in the comments about how you deal with making mistakes! We all react so differently in these situations and we might be able to learn from each other! Please remember this is a safe space with no judgement so be kind!


Emily Avdem

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