The Dyson Airwrap: Is It Worth It?

For months I deliberated over getting the Dyson Airwrap because the price tag is INSANE. I know, I know. However, my fiancé is the sweetest guy alive and surprised me with one! The first time I used this tool, I realized I should have bought it MONTHS ago. So, that may be a *little* bit of a teaser of what my answer is for the title of the blog!

I have used every single attachment so far in the collection and I have to say, each one is POWERFUL. When I tell you that when I finished doing my hair I felt like I could do some damage, I mean it. But there are way more pros to this tool than just making me feel confident as heck! Here are the following benefits to the Dyson Airwrap…

  • It’s Lightweight

I was very surprised to find out that the tool was super lightweight! Sometimes, it can be so strenuous to blow dry your hair and then curl it with a curling wand and your arm gets sore. I found that this tool didn’t do that for me!

  • It’s Easy to Learn to Use

I know a lot of people said that it was difficult to use but I watched a few tutorials on it before using and I found it extremely easy to use. I was impressed by this because there were many attachments, different buttons, and various tricks on using it. But, once I implemented the tips I saw on the tutorials, I felt confident I was using it right.

  • Creates Salon Like Blowouts

I was shocked at how I looked and felt like I just stepped out of a salon and paying hundreds of dollars. I literally created that look FROM MY BATHROOM in 10 minutes. I seriously still can’t believe how good it looks.

  • Long Lasting

My blowout look lasted at least 4-5 days with a few touch ups and dry shampoo. I mean how much better and easier can it get? For people who don’t like to wash their hair often, this is a great option.

I definitely feel like this tool is magic and by selling your other tools, this could be a great purchase. I truly felt like it was worth every penny and wished I would have bought it sooner.

Have fun deciding whether to get one 😉


Emily Avdem

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