A Change in my Mindset

Hello everyone!! It’s been awhile! I genuinely feel so happy to be writing again. I took a long break from a lot of my creative outlets to pursue other creative activities like reading, embroidering, and plants. I’ve also been really trying to work on myself and creating a better relationship with health. Essentially, I’ve been changing my mindset to focus on a few things: simplicity, slowness, and quietness. A quote I found a couple of months ago really encompassed exactly what I was feeling and wanting to achieve.

Unknown Creator: If you know please share with me

I took a huge step back from creating because I felt like I was pouring out so much creativity and effort and wasn’t then filling my own cup. I was feeling burn out of providing for everyone around me but not providing for myself. It’s a very fine line for EVERYONE to find a balance. I know many struggle with finding the balance and preventing burnout. So, I’ve been doing some recharging lately and figuring out what it is that I enjoy doing and always brings me something: joy, income, networks, etc. I’m still not sure if I have mastered the balance and I guess I won’t know until I try! The good news is that I can always use trial and error to master the balance of rest, creation, and creativity.

I have been battling a single thought in my mind the last few years, “A successful life can only be achieved by hustling, being busy, and productive.” I feel as though the only way to be successful is to be stressed, overwhelmed, and having zero downtime. However, is that really true? Can’t the definition of success be defined by each of us individually? Some of us may feel success in different ways and I think it’s important that we realize that.

So, as of right now, my vision of success entails enjoying slower moments, being more present when I’m with loved ones, and creating a life that embodies enjoyment, contentment, and love. I would love to open up a conversation about this topic either in the comments, in private messages, or texts. I think this is something that we can all use to help us grow in our perceptions, mindset, and life.

Sending you lots of love!


Emily Avdem

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