An Open Letter to the Person Who is Afraid

I was thinking about my next open letter recipient and I had a few options floating through my mind but this one definitely stood out among the others. I think that the reason for this is because I have been sitting with fear on and off lately which is CRAZY because I have already done so many things way outside of my comfort zone and in the realm of fear so why am I still letting it get to me? But I also interact with a lot of people who say they want to do this, try this, or start this but they are too afraid of judgement and failure and it always makes my heart break a little bit. Why? Because I was there. Many times! However, I have pushed through that fear and have accomplished so many amazing things I have never even dreamed of doing! That can be you too! 

Dear the person who is afraid,

Let me guess, “but what if people make fun of me”, “what if it turns out to be a bust and it goes nowhere?” or “I don’t really have that much time anyway” are the excuses you’re telling yourself to feel less bad about chickening out! Well, here’s the thing, those excuses will dictate your life for as long as you let them. Do you really want to wake up in 30 years and realize that you never took the chances you wanted to take? Here’s the thing, those excuses you’re so afraid of, they really aren’t that scary at all! Half the time, they aren’t even true. 

There are so many people who tell me that they’ve always wanted to start a blog but are afraid nobody would support it, or a bunch of people would make fun of them and to be honest, I thought those things too! But then, I did the thing I was terrified of and realized that all the people who love and support you will encourage you. I bet you’re going to get way more support than you ever thought you would! You aren’t even giving people a chance to support you! Also, I thought a lot of people would make fun of me too but truthfully, I learned if people are making fun of you, chances are there is more jealousy involved than anything else! So, just remember that. 

But being afraid isn’t just limited to the example of starting a blog, it can mean so many things! You might be letting fear stop you from posting a selfie you’re confident in, you’re letting fear stop you from applying to that job you’re passionate about, or a hobby you’ve been wanting to try! Take a minute to think of that one thing you’ve been letting fear decide for you. Then, list out all the things that are stopping you from doing it and think about how rational those things are. Think about all of the people who are doing the things you want to do and remember that they all started in the same spot too! They didn’t start out super successful and they failed a time or two! Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

Moral of this story is, you are the only one stopping you from lighting your passions on fire and when you finally realize that, it’s actually so empowering! After that, everything comes easier and each chance you take becomes a little less scary and you become a little more fearless. 


Emily Avdem

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