We got a puppy! Our first week with our 7 week old golden retriever puppy!

Tyler said I should make this blog post and I couldn’t agree more really!! This is such a great experience to look back on and for others who may be wanting a puppy or getting a puppy to read and learn from! There has been some really great things about this experience and a few scary things that I was for sure not prepared for! So, we are going to break down the experience and then I think I’ll end it with a few tips for people wanting to get a puppy!

So, we picked her up on a Saturday and to say I was excited was a complete UNDERSTATEMENT. I barely slept the night before and the closer we got to the farm I swear my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest. She slept almost the whole ride home just curled up in my arms and I instantly fell in love with how sweet and calm she was. I was in awe! But, when we got her home I kept noticing this green eye goup on her eyes and I was worried it was an infection and the vet said it could be an ulcer! So, we brought her in THE SAME DAY WE BROUGHT HER HOME. So crazy! But, this is why it’s great to work with a breeder who has paperwork that saves you from expenses like this. Either way, I wanted my pup happy and healthy so I didn’t really care about the expenses, time, and worry! But, here’s what happened!

You can see the eye group in this pic!

The vet called after she examined Daisy and said she thinks it could be one of three serious health issues and she wanted to know if I was okay if she went ahead and did some tests, of course I said yes. Finally, she had a diagnosis for us: puppy strangles! If you’re wondering what this is, feel free to read this article! Anyway, we ended up having to give her a pill once a day for about two weeks (with a check up in the midde of that). We gave her the pill every morning for five days then went in for a check up and SHE WAS GETTING BETTER! So, we went down to half a pill to help her slowly wean off of them.

Other than the emergency vet visit and scary diagnosis, she’s doing really well transitioning into her new home! She takes a ton of naps, doesn’t LOVE her kennel when she isn’t sleepy, loves to bite EVERYTHING in site (we are working on this), and does really well at ringing the bell to tell us she has to go to the bathroom! She’s really smart and caught on to potty training and the command “sit” really fast! She isn’t really used to us calling her “Daisy” yet so she isn’t super great at responding to it but we are working on that too! The first night she fell asleep around 10 p.m. and woke up only at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom! I was surprised she didn’t wake up more though. Each night after that she slowly went to not waking up at all until the early morning when Tyler gets up for work (around 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.). So, all in all Tyler and I are learning to be patient with her as well as learning how to be the best pup parents we can be! It’s going really well although I’m having a really hard time thinking of leaving her during the day if I have to leave for a couple of hours! I know it’s crazy because so many people do this but I just don’t want her to be sad or bark/whine a ton when I am gone! Next, I am going to give you a couple tips for if you bring a new pup home that I just recently learned!

Tip 1: Be patient. This honestly was much harder than I thought because you have to have patience in so many areas: potty training, biting, chewing, roaming, them learning, whining and so on! After less sleep and eating you become a little bit more irritable than you wish you were with your new pup! But try to remind yourself that they’re just learning AND you just took them away from their home and family.

Tip 2: Keep their crate close to you at night. Several people told me this but they’re scared and just want to be close to the people who they feel safe with! We kept Daisy’s crate close to our bed at night and she slept really well, even the first night, so I think that had a lot to do with it! (helpful additional hint: cover their crate with a blanket to make it darker, it signals that it’s time to sleep! This works every time with Daisy)

Tip 3: Have lots of training treats ready to help them get potty trained! You have to act like you are celebrating winning the lottery EVERY time they go potty! We did this and gave her a treat each time and she was like 95% potty trained by the 3rd day we had her!

Tip 4: Make sure you get the exact food the breeder or rescue center was feeding your puppy! Their stomachs are very sensitive and if the food is at all different, they will throw up! It’s much easier on their tummies to keep feeding them what they were eating and slowly transitioning to a different food.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and getting to know our new fur baby! We love her a lot and sometimes I still can’t believe she’s all mine!!


Emily Avdem

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