Life Updates + Post Grad Emotions

I have taken quite the break from blogging! It’s been almost two months which is crazy! I think that I needed a bit of a break from the constant business and creating to manuever this new chapter in my life and to be honest, it hasn’t been super easy. I don’t think enough people talk about the post grad blues. Maybe it’s just me but it has definitely been hard transitioning into a whole new chapter of life when the one before was SUCH a huge part of me. A time that I really grew, flourished, and found success. However, I’m reminding myself that this chapter can be just as good too and sometimes it just takes time. But, let’s chat about what’s going on in this part of my life and letting you in on what I’m doing!

First, I am continuing to run my social media business full time and trying to gain more clientele (but during this pandemic it can be difficult to pitch to people who don’t have a marketing budget at this time). But it’s been going well and I’m LOVING it so far. In addition, I’m still vlogging and blogging (even though I’ve been absent on the blog I’m still planning to get back into it). In addition, I’m still working on my Instagram content and creating new photos with fun edits! I’ve also started doing custom illustrations and that’s been really fun too! If you ever need one for a fun gift or for yourself let me know! They are only $20 a piece (more than 3 people does have an increase in price).

In addition, I started back working at Willow District, a women’s boutique here in Fargo, where I love the people and the work! It helps me get out of the house here and there during the week! It also allows me to continue my selling and communication skills which is always a plus! I work there part time a few shifts a week and it’s been really fun!

I know this post was a lot of writing but there was quite a bit to update you on! Let me know what’s going on in your life so we can catch up! I’m hoping to get back into the groove of blogging soon but until then…


Emily Avdem

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