An Honest Talk About Health: Where I’m at

Awhile ago, I did a blog post about my brutally honest body image and it got a lot of attention and I think that’s because it’s so relatable. I’m hoping this one will be the same but also add a little inspiration in there too! I’ve had a rough relationship with heath, body confidence, and fitness. I’ve played tug of war with diets, consistent workouts, and a “healthy” body image. We’ve gotten back together and broken up more times than I can count. How many times have you been here? I’ve fought with the disappointment and rage I have had with myself for not staying consistent and disciplined. It’s been a long long road and finally, I have gotten here. I have gotten to the point of not wanting to start being healthy because I want to be “skinny” or look better in pictures from every angle. No, that wasn’t a good reason for me to stay consistent. Now, I want to be healthy to be able to play with my future children without running out of breath, to be able to feel confident in my future wedding dress, and I don’t want to be at risk for health risks that I was well on my way to.

So, I wanted to share with you what I have started doing to steer myself in the right direction of good health and where I plan to take this. I want to be real and transparent with you because this is something so many of us struggle with and I want you to know you’re not alone! So, I weighed myself and realized I was about 64 pounds overweight for my age and height. Woah, right? Yeah, made me feel really sick and overwhelmed honestly. But, I tried not to let that scare me from the hard work and dedication ahead. First thing I did was talk to Tyler about how I was feeling and what my plans were going forward for support and accountability. Luckily, he was actually feeling the same way as me and wanted to hop on the health train too!

Next, I started with little steps! I wanted to focus on two things: drinking enough water a day and getting significantly more steps in a day than I was. So, I started doing that every single day! I’m drinking a TON of water and measuring it each day and I also have gone on a walk/jog every single day for at least 2 miles. I can tell my body is like “wait what’s going on” because my body is actually a little sore from the random start of activity, my face is less bloated, and if I haven’t drank water in an hour I start to feel extremely dehydrated! Next, I tried eating a little healthier but didn’t really have a set plan or idea of what I was doing, I knew I needed some help!

Tyler’s mom and grandma introduced us to Weight Watchers and I was honestly sold from the little bit I had heard. It’s effective and much more of a lifestyle health change than a diet. I love this because I do not do well with a ton of restriction and limited meals, I get so bored and won’t stay consistent! So, I put in my information and figured out whether I was more green, blue, or purple. I ended up getting 26 daily points and 42 weekly bonus ones! I got the list of 0 point food and googled some different fun recipes. I also knew a HUGE obstacle I would have during all of this would be dessert. I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth and it get’s me into trouble so much. So, I was suggested sugar free pudding and jello! UMM HELLO. Such a great alternative and so much better for you! Definitely kicks my sugar craving quick!

Alright, this post is getting to be quite long but I wanted to hopefully give you guys a little inspiration if you’re feeling STUCK in your health journey or absolutely unmotivated to start, like I was. The war on health doesn’t have to continue and it doesn’t have to be a super dreading experience. I’ve found that for the first time ever, I am actually excited about all of this. I think the huge reason for that is my “why” for starting isn’t superficial. My why is meaningful and deep which makes me excited to achieve my why!! So, I encourage you to figure out your why and have it go beyond “being skinny”.


Emily Avdem

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