My Top 5 Favorite Spotify Playlists: Relaxation, Pop, Country, & More!

Over the quarantine I have come to find some AMAZING Spotify playlists for many different moods. Sometimes I want to jam to good country songs, other times I want to relax in the bath, and sometimes I want to dance to some new pop songs! You’re bound to find a playlist you love in this list!

JAMMMMZ playlist!!

This is my newest and current one I just came up up with! I’ve been curating this for a couple of days to find the best songs that keep me calm and focused. It has really helped me be more productive at home. I just pop my ear buds in and start working! It’s also great for just having on when you’re cooking or cleaning too!

Totally Stress Free playlist

This one is GOLD. I seriously fell in love with these songs and use any excuse to throw this playlist on when i’m trying to relax! So many good artists and songs I hadn’t really heard of but now that I have HOW DID I LIVE WITHOUT THEM.

Today’s Top Hits playlist

So, when I don’t feel like jamming to slow songs or being relaxed I turn this one on! This makes me feel cool and hip 😉 I don’t love hip hop or rap but this playlist has the perfect essence of fun songs!

Hot Country playlist

This is my all-time favorite one though! I am such a sucker for country music and this one always has the newest/bestest country songs! This one always helps me find my new favorite country songs.

Relax and Reset playlist

I just found this one from one of my favorite YouTubers! I listened to it yesterday and fell in love with quite a few songs! It’s the same as my first playlist mostly with some slow and relaxing songs! They were all ones I hadn’t heard of yet!

Share with me some of your favorite Spotify playlists!


Emily Avdem

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