My 15 Favorite Podcasts for Business, Personal, True Crime and more!

I have been listening to so many podcasts recently with all of this time at home and I have come to really love some old ones and new ones! I thought I would share my favorites with you so you can try them out too! They are great to have on in the background when you’re working, doing chores, or even getting ready! I like to listen to them a ton while in the car but right now that’s not really relevant. So, here goes my favorite podcasts!!

1.Blood Ties

So this one was super cool! It was more of a series or ebook type of podcast but it got me invested and I was always really excited about the next episode. It’s a true crime based podcast and takes you through a family’s secrets and lies and you get really invested! Each episode is about 20-30 minutes long and it goes by super fast. The theatrics are incredible and it kind of feels like you’re in a movie.

2. Something Was Wrong

I just started this one this week and so far it’s really awesome! It’s super detailed, there is suspenseful stories, and it brings a huge light to an important topic. It’s a docuseries podcast that dives into the discovery, trauma, and recovery of being engaged to a sociopath. It is the same as Blood Ties where it’s a series and each one is a different episode furthering the story.

3. Crime Junkie

Okay, you all knew this one was going to be on my list. This is my all time favorite true crime podcast. The facts given, the stories told, and the way that Ashley Flowers can keep you hooked through the whole thing is so incredible. I’ve seriously never been more involved in a podcast. I have listened to EVERY single episode. That is not a joke! It’s so good. If you like true crime, this podcast is for you.

4. Morbid

So, after I binged all of the Crime Junkie episodes I realized I needed a new true crime podcast to fill the void that was Crime Junkie and this one did it for me! The narrators are super hilarious and keep me entertained the whole time. They upload a few episodes a week which I really love! Disclaimer: there is quite a bit of swearing in this podcast but I don’t mind it! If you don’t like swearing or have little ears near you, do not place this! What’s also nice about this is I haven’t noticed a ton of overlap – each episode is usually one I haven’t heard of before! The LuluLemon murder is a fav. I was so so shocked and scared on that one.

5. Goal Digger

So, this is one I have definitely mentioned before but I really love Jenna’s content. She has a lot of experience and wisdom and so do all of the guests she brings on the show! When I need some knowledge on a topic I love to press play on one of her episodes. She also offers a lot of freebie content on her website which I appreciate.

6. The Influencer Podcast

This is another one similar to Jenna’s. I don’t listen to this one as much as the other’s because they are much shorter but she does have some golden episodes on there I love!

7. Rise podcast

I think Rachel Hollis’s podcast is one we all probably love but in case you don’t know about it, here is your push to go listen to it! There is a ton of tips, motivation, and positivity in this one!

8. Online Marketing Made Easy

My client Ciara pointed me in her direction but she is so so amazing! I have learned a ton from her and have had many “light bulb” moments from her episodes. If you are interested in learning more about online marketing you should listen to her podcast!

9. Gals on the Go

I really love the girls on this podcast so I love to hear them chat about all things life. If you need something on in the background this is it! There isn’t a ton of having to think when listening to it. If you’re in college or just graduated this one is for you!

10. The Porch

This one is a bit more religious and Christian based. This one always has me thinking more deeply about my beliefs and values and challenging my thoughts which I really appreciate.

11. Serial Killers

I just started this one recently because I wanted more in depth episodes on the serial killers and any interesting information I could get on different serial killers. This one is pretty good! It’s not an absolute favorite but I go to it when I need something!

12. Dear Sugars

This one isn’t running new episodes anymore but I like to listen to the old ones. This one has really challenged me to think about my perspective on things and hear other people’s opinions. It’s really eye opening and they talk a lot about so many different topics.

13. The Real Reel

I like this one too because she interviews different people that I enjoy listening too! I like expanding my knowledge on different creators out there!

14. What We Said

I listen to this one every once in awhile and they have some good tips on so many things like social media, dating advice, and friendships. It’s lighthearted and I like that!

15. Counterclock

This one is a series based one that the narrator of Crime Junkie helped put together this series! It’s about a murder that happened many years ago and is still cold. The podcast is supposed to try and find new leads and create more attention on the incident.

I hope you enjoyed this one! I know a lot of you requested this type of post so here it is! Put your favorite ones in the comments!!


Emily Avdem

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