Delicious Recipes Ideas to Try at Home

Lately I have been trying new recipes and cooking more with more time at home! I also got quite a few requests from my readers to do a blog post about different recipes or recipe ideas so I thought why not?! So, here are some meals I have made throughout the last few weeks that I thought were super delicious and link the exact recipes I used and any tips I have for making each one!


This chili was so yummy! I also add my own little twist to it to make it even better! So, I add about half a box of noodles in it (you can use any noodles I like the elbow noodles!). I also added a little bit of cajun seasoning as well as taco seasoning! In addition, I add carrots and corn because I love vegetables! I always say you can add or take anything out to make the meal exactly how you like it.

Cheesy Taco Pasta

This was SO yummy! The pasta gave a really good flavor and was pretty simple to make. I didn’t change much of the ingredients on this recipe because I liked everything! It kind of gave me a hotdish feel but yeah I thought it was yummy!

Honey BBQ Cauliflower Wings

Okay so I actually used a Buffalo Wing recipe for this but then decided I wanted honey bbq instead! To make the honey bbq sauce I put bbq sauce, ketchup, butter, and a little bit of maple syrup. I didn’t measure this out because I am a very “wing it” gal when it comes cooking! But here is the ratio idea: More bbq sauce, then about half ketchup, then a tablespoon of maple syrup, and just a slice of butter (like a little slice of the stick butter). I warmed that sauce up and applied it just like this recipe did!

Kale Chips

Ok I recently tried these after major crap talking about them! I thought they would be really gross but BOY was I wrong. I made them in my air fryer and they were really yummy! Basically, whatever you season them with it’s going to taste like that. I seasoned mine with garlic salt, a little paprika, and salt and pepper. You can switch this up anytime you eat it to make it taste however you want! I like to use the kale chips to top them on a bunch of things like chicken, sandwiches, and nachos! It’s super delicious and adds a bit of a crunch.


So, this one I kind of did my own twist to it. I took out the parsley and the worcestershire sauce because I didn’t want that! I also topped it with ketchup and cracker crumbs! It honestly turned out so freaking delicious and made me miss my Grandma’s meatloaf!

Olive Garden inspired Zuppa Toscana

I made this one and it was so yummy! I am usually not a huge fan of soup but this was good! I used kale instead of spinach! I just let it sit in the crock pot and let it cook! Super easy!

Tater Tot Hotdish

I am a sucker for tater tot hotdish for sure so it was really fun to make by myself! I basically used the exact recipe but just used corn as my vegetable because Tyler is very picky! But if I ate this myself I would have done corn, peas, and carrots!

So, these were the meals I have made throughout this time that were fun and delicious! I hope you find some inspiration from this blog post and get motivated to try out some new and fun meals! If you’re anything like me you might be nervous to try new meals because you’re nervous it might fail or not turn out how you wanted it to but I promise it’ll be fine! You can only get better after that first time making it so no need to get bummed out about it! Also, don’t be afraid to try out your own recipes because you might like something added or taken out and that’s cool! Eat what you want!


Emily Avdem

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