75 Ways to Fill Your Time While At Home

It has been brought to my attention that many people wanted me to do a blog post about this to come up with more ideas to do things while stuck inside because of recent events! I always want to write about things you’re needing right now so here we go! These are some things I have been doing to keep myself busy but also do the things I always complain about wanting to do but never have enough time for!

  1. Read a book (or many)
  2. Take a bath
  3. Watch a tv series
  4. Binge a movie series
  5. Create a budget
  6. Organize your tax documents
  7. Go through your closet
  8. Clean your whole house
  9. Play board games
  10. Journal
  11. Meditate
  12. Cook new recipes
  13. Facetime friends and family
  14. Start that thing you’ve always wanted to: blog, YouTube channel
  15. Change the layout of your rooms
  16. Practice photography
  17. Draw/paint
  18. DIY project (tie dye shirts)
  19. Play video games
  20. Test out different essential oil blends
  21. Try out different morning/night routines
  22. Create different habits
  23. Try new workouts
  24. Catch up on your favorite YouTuber’s videos
  25. Meditate
  26. Try yoga
  27. Page through a magazine
  28. Learn a new skill (language, certifications, etc.)
  29. Gain some extra money through online ways (surveys, etc.)
  30. Try out different cocktails
  31. Bake cookies, cake, or brownies
  32. Crossword puzzle
  33. Word Search
  34. Puzzle
  35. Go for a walk/hike
  36. Maintenance projects around the house
  37. Make a vision board
  38. Drink a lot of water
  39. Practice healthy eating habits (multiple smaller meals a day)
  40. Paint your nails
  41. Make tik toks
  42. Play fun challenge games with your family/roommates
  43. Organize cupboards/pantry
  44. Face mask
  45. Organize your computer
  46. Transfer things to a hard drive
  47. Go tanning (if you’re in a warm state)
  48. Write letters to people in nursing homes
  49. Color in a coloring book
  50. Write thank you letters to people you’re thankful for
  51. Send thoughtful text messages to people
  52. Try out different coffee/tea recipes
  53. Conversate with your family/roommates
  54. Try different smoothie recipes
  55. Reorganize the clothes in your closet (I did season based)
  56. Donate to people in need during this time
  57. Post on Facebook and see if you can be of service to someone in need
  58. Try different hair styles
  59. Try different eye makeup looks
  60. Get ahead on your school work
  61. Make a charcuterie board
  62. Sewing
  63. Gardening
  64. Bird watching
  65. Playing an instrument
  66. Dance session(s)
  67. Scrapbook
  68. Become a Pinterest queen
  69. Origami
  70. Listen to a Ted Talk or podcast
  71. Network through social media
  72. Clear out your inbox
  73. Attend church at home
  74. Spend extra time on your personal care
  75. Start growing some ingredients (lavender, chives, etc.)

These were all of the ideas that I could come up with without losing my mind! 😉 But I hope this helps you find great ways to fill your extra time during this situation. I know it all is a little scary, overwhelming, and everything is so uncertain but I am just trying to stay positive, stay productive, and I am also allowing myself to feel the things i’m feeling. If I am feeling anxious, I allow myself decompress. It is so important to listen to ourselves and give ourselves love, grace, and patience during this time.


Emily Avdem

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