An Open Letter To My Mom

You all knew this was coming with all the other ones I was writing! Again, i’m hoping that these posts are super relatable and hopefully remind you to express your gratitude to these different people in your life. So here it goes!!

Thank you for teaching me perseverance.

No matter how hard something was, you reminded me how important it was to see it through and do my very best. Much of my academic success is really thanks to you. You reminded me that sometimes even when we think we are doing our best, we can do even better and we can continue to push our limits.

Thank you for teaching me that the high road is the best road.

I can’t remember a single time when you didn’t tell me this. I could be so mad at someone and have every right to be but you ALWAYS reminded me that being the bigger person was always the better idea. For that, I will always be grateful.

Thank you for giving me your empathetic and sensitive side.

Even though sometimes this leaves us really sad and disappointed most of the time, I still think it’s a really great characteristic to have. I’m thankful that I give people second chances and I try and see the best in everyone. I’ve watched you gracefully show your empathetic and sensitive side through how you treated others and I’m glad it stuck with me!

Thank you for showing me how healing a good laugh is.

If someone thinks of you, the first thing that probably pops into their head is your laugh and how contagious it is. It instantly provides others with joy and a sense of relief from their life stressors. I have that same belly laugh and every time I use it I am reminded of where I got it from.

Thank you for giving me your social side.

This is the one thing I have always admired about you. You have this ease to talk to people and make friends and make them feel comfortable. I loved how someone could see you from across the room and they instantly start smiling and start rushing over to come chat with you. I hope one day I can be just like that.

Thank you for always pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Even if it was as small as something like tasting new food or trying a new restaurant you always tried to encourage all of us that to try something new. You always said, “How can you say you don’t like it if you haven’t even tried it?” and boy has that always stuck with me. It is so important for each of us to go out of our comfort zones to try more, accomplish more, and challenge us. I will forever be grateful that you made me try brussel sprouts, use essential oils, and try different clubs out.

I have a lot of things to dedicate to you and am grateful that I was lucky enough to have you as my mom. One day I hope to be half the mom you are.


Emily Avdem

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