The Daunting Idea of Spring Break and a Winter Body: How To Increase Self-Confidence for Your Bikini Trip

So, I am going to Arizona for Spring Break and this is my first Spring Break trip ever! WHAT. I know. Before this, I never really had to deal with the instant plummet of self-confidence because I would be wearing a bikini for the first time in MONTHS and haven’t really paid much attention to my back rolls or stomach pudge because they have been hidden under sweaters and coats for so long.

I actually texted my friend to share my complete horror for wearing a bikini in a couple of weeks and how not ready I am. I kind of moped around for a couple of days and tried to hide myself from my mirror when I changed and tried not to look down when I was in the shower. It actually astonished me how shameful I felt for LIVING. For being a dang human. I kind of realized that there are probably many people feeling the same things I am right now and it broke my heart. So, I wanted to share this blog post to tell you that you aren’t alone in feeling insecure or ashamed and a few things I did to help boost my self-confidence and not be so scared of that bikini.

Face The Fear

The first thing that I did to kind of get over that hump of insecurity was do the exact thing I was terrified of doing; wearing a bikini. I tried it on in the comfort of my own home but to be honest I was even terrified to do this because we all know we are our own worst critic. So, I put on the bikini and looked at myself in the mirror and for a split second I did think, “Oh gosh this is not pretty” and then I snapped myself out of it. I thought, this isn’t so bad! I look happy, I look curvy, and I look confident. Why do we let a few rolls and stomach pudge dictate our entire self worth? SO CRAZY.

Don’t Compare

I knew that my start of self doubt and insecurities was because I was comparing myself to everyone else. Not necessarily just their bodies but their confidence, their eating habits, and their determination. It’s so hard to judge our path when we are constantly seeing everyone else’s. But, that’s the beauty of it. We are all on our own path at our own pace and that’s completely normal.

Reach Out

Sulking in silence doesn’t really help anyone, especially when it comes to insecurities because it just makes us feel more alone and more insecure. Again, why do that to ourselves? Reach out to friends and family or a significant other! Sometimes a compliment goes a long way and there is nothing to be ashamed about when needing one. 🙂 I’ll give you one right now! You’re beautiful now and always. Don’t forget that.

Do Things That Make You Feel Confident

I’m not saying you need to change your diet completely, buy a luxurious facial and tan, or immediately ship a ton of new bathing suits to your door! I am saying, eat a healthy lunch, drink 64 ounces of water a couple days a week, workout in the morning tomorrow, or buy a flattering shirt. It’s amazing how fast one of these things can increase your self confidence!

Give Yourself Grace

This is the biggest and last tip I have. It’s so important to be easy on ourselves in a world that can be so brutal. We try so hard to be better, do better, and look better. It’s a constant battle inside our head that nobody else sees and creates scars that are way below the surface. So, be kind to yourself and give yourself a little grace. Especially on those days that you find it REALLY hard to!

I hope this blog post helped you in any or some way. It’s kind of a hard time of year for some of us who have been bundled up in layers for months and hiding what’s underneath. Hopefully some of these tips inspire you or at least make you feel less alone. Happy spring break and enjoy yourself!


Emily Avdem

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