Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Friends, Family, or Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Yes, I know that Valentine’s Day is coming up REALLY soon. BUT I think we all kind of get a little side tracked and then last minute think, “oh crap, I need to get something for Jim, Karen, and Sierra!”. Yes, I am you. It’s okay! I wanted to compile a list that could help you find some cute gifts for different people in your life. If it’s too late to help you this year, maybe it’ll help you next year! Either way, I hope you find it somewhat helpful!

  1. Sentimental Card
  2. Candy
  3. Constellation Map
  4. Jewelry
  5. Massage
  6. Spa Day
  7. Flowers
  8. Sentimental Photo
  9. Handmade Gift
  10. Candles
  11. Wine
  12. Gift Cards
  13. Makeup
  14. Face Masks
  15. Home-cooked Meal
  16. Reservation at a Fancy Restaurant
  17. Breakfast in Bed
  18. Clean the House
  19. Fuzzy Socks
  20. Comfy Bath Robe
  21. Essential Oils
  22. Wine Glasses
  23. Liquor Glasses
  24. An item they said they’ve liked/wanted
  25. Phone Case
  26. Cool Stickers
  27. Sentimental Phone Call or Text Message
  28. Wallet
  29. Watch
  30. Sentimental Photobook
  31. DVD
  32. Edible Arrangement
  33. Stuffed Animal
  34. Coupon Book
  35. Concert Tickets
  36. Nail Polish
  37. Baked Treats
    1. Cookies
    2. Cake
    3. Brownies
  38. Plants
  39. Succulents
  40. Blankets
  41. Perfume / Cologne
  42. Loofa
  43. Pajama Set
  44. Crystals
  45. Books
  46. Date Night Jar
  47. Coffee Mug
  48. Their Favorite Coffee
  49. Video Game
  50. Pay to fill up their gas tank

This day can be super cliche or mushy but I think it’s a really good reminder to give a little extra to the ones that we love and show them how much they mean to us. It can be in a big or little way! Let me know what you did for someone else on this day in the comments!!


Emily Avdem

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