Staying Productive on The Daily: Free Daily Productivity Agenda Template

Hey guys!! I seriously cannot stop making these templates for you because you are LOVING them. Seriously, so many downloads. So, with the new semester starting and having a busy plate, I have had to refine and build some of my productivity practices! So far, i’m nailing it! I wanted to share some of the things I have been doing to keep myself productive throughout the day and get stuff DONE.

1.Daily Agenda

Yes, that’s right, I keep a daily agenda! I think everyone has their own idea of one of these but I like to keep my day’s to-do list on it, cleaning list, and important events/calls/meetings in another! These are my main things I like! However, with the new year I wanted to keep track of my habits every day too to make sure I am on the right track! I am offering you a free download of mine so you can use it too!

2. To-Do List

Okay I know this goes along with the agenda but GUYS. This is HUGE. I write a to-do list each day so that I don’t forget to do something and I can keep track of what gets done and doesn’t! It makes me feel so much less stressed being able to see everything in front of me and not swirling around in my head.

3. Veg Breaks

Okay, I am a firm believer in not being able to be super productive for 5 hours at a time. I don’t believe we have the attention span to truly do our best work for that long. So, I do work for awhile, and I do it well, and then I take little veg breaks where I watch a tv show, video, or go on social media freely! You can also just create breaks from thinking/creativity to do a few of your cleaning tasks for the day! Gets you moving and gets stuff done!

4. Create a Good Morning Routine

I looove my mornings. I love to have time. I love to do a few things each morning that fuel me for the rest of the day! I make my bed (yes every single morning). I genuinely can’t get things done if my bed isn’t made! It makes me feel so much more productive. I also drink some water – it wakes me up and hydrates me from all that sleep! I reward myself with a GOOOOD cup of coffee. I savor it. This fuels me for the day! I also listen to my favorite music or podcasts to fill my soul with things I love. It’s crazy how much better your day is when you actually focus on what you do in your morning routine and intentionally do things that fuel you.

5. Choose Your Location Wisely (and change it up)

So, I think we all often forget that our environment has A LOT to do with how productive we are. Do you thrive off of background noise? Go station yourself at a coffee shop or restaurant like Panera. Do you thrive off of complete silence? Go sit at a library or your office with the door closed! Do you thrive off of VERY limited distractions? Shut yourself in an office with your phone in the other room on airplane mode and relocate ANY devices to another room (tv, ipad, or radio). Set yourself up for success and don’t put yourself in a position to fail!!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it helped you! Really, pick one of these and incorporate it as a habit. I bet it’ll help!!


Emily Avdem

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