Home Decor on a Budget: Cheap Ways to Make Your House a Home

Hi guys!! I’m super excited to be writing this one! We moved into our new apartment last month but we hadn’t really gotten around to getting some finishing touches of home decor and such. I wanted to make it a slower process so I could make sure I get good pieces for good prices! I didn’t want that the cheaper price tag to mean that I had to compromise on what I really wanted but I also didn’t want to break the bank either. So, here’s a look at my new home decor pieces and where I got them and what their prices were! I would also like to note that I went for a boho/modern/cozy vibe! Enjoy! These are the color schemes I went off of!

The right was more for the bedroom and living room was left!


Left Right


So, I did a variety of decorating with plants because there is multiple ways in which you can do so! I chose the more boho feel for showcasing these plants and I got to say, I NAILED IT.

The plant on the left came from Lowe’s and was only $14! Eden said I can’t kill this one so that means that figuring out what I spent and this guy’s lifetime is pretty solid. I also loves that it hangs down for some extra spunk! The hanger was ON SALE at Michael’s for 30% which means I got that baby for $7! Such a steal considering it is macrame style.

The middle plant came from Lowe’s too and was $15 which is CRAZY because it is HUGE. Eden also said I can’t kill this one so I am a new and excited plant mom! The wicker basket was on sale at Target for $17, originally $30! WOAH.

I didn’t buy the hanger or the plant on the right. I actually got it for Christmas from my cousin! I love it!


Okay, these were a sweet deal and were great for a pop of color! We got these at Target when they were on sale and scored them for $13 each when they were originally $20.


So, I love floral arrangements but sometimes it can really break the bank depending on where you get it and if there is a sale or not. I first wanted two vases, one for either side of the tv in the bedroom to add our other pops of color and liven up that dresser. Next, I needed something for our kitchen island. When it was bare, it looked so plain and boring. I needed a little life! So, I scored some awesome vases, stems, and a tray to make it pretty without cluttering the table.

I am still so in love with my island trio! I also cannot believe the price. How much do you think all of that cost me? (I got it from Hobby Lobby) The vases and tray was 50% and the stems I used 40% on! MY GRAND TOTAL WAS $24!!!!! I’m sorry what.

The second one is one of the two I got from Target and Michaels! The vase was $5 I bought 3 stems at Michaels and that ended up being $13. Not too shabby! Stems aren’t a bad buy because they don’t die! You have them forever.


I think this is where people really start to break the bank because they don’t wait for sales OR they choose it from the wrong store. Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite spots to get anything home decor because there is always great deals for everything you need if you wait for it! They also always have a 40% off a full priced item on their website which is super helpful. I needed two big signs for the bedroom and living room! These are important because they are a huge focal point in each room and really give a statement for what our personalities are like.

Again, Hobby Lobby for the win. I swear this isn’t sponsored but dang it should be!!! I waited strategically till wall decor was 50% off because I did not want to spend $80 on a sign. Each sign was $25! Not bad at all considering their sizes! (Don’t mind the awkward space between the bed and sign there will be a headboard there soon!)


Books are such a cheap way to make your home feel cozy all while making it look cute too! I have books in multiple spots in my place. I have some on the windowsill and will be soon getting a ladder shelf to display more! But a perfect place to add them is a coffee table! Here’s how I did mine! Books are so cheap at thrift stores or garage sales. I actually got all these for free at my University’s English Department! SCORE.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I really tried to take my time to get the best pictures and ensure accuracy with prices and such. Just remember that you don’t have to decorate your new home and break the bank. You don’t have to sacrifice what you want for cheap price tags. Be patient, find deals, and search multiple locations. You got it!


Emily Avdem

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