2019: A Year in Review

I thought about doing a “What I Got For Christmas” blog post and even did a poll on my Instagram to see if that was something people would like to see. More people did vote for me posting it but the fact that I was going back and forth with it told me my gut knew I shouldn’t post it. I think it can be an extremely sensitive subject and I can’t disagree with that. I never want my blog to be a sore subject for anyone. I know that when I post that I am not trying to be tacky or rude or showing off BUT that doesn’t mean other people won’t feel like I am. SO, then I decided on a better idea; A Year in Review. This year was an extremely monumental one for me as I started my business and my YouTube channel. I gained some skills and strengthened some others.

I know Instagram does a “Top 9” for you but I felt like they didn’t reflect the best moments in my life this year. So, I thought I would do my own “Top 11” because there were 11 photos from this year that I either were proud of, symbolized something awesome, or were me trying my hand at something creatively different. So, let’s go through them!

This was when I first started messing around with stickers and mixed media art. This one was a little rough but throughout the year I really got into it and it got so much better. This one took a lot of confidence to post because I didn’t feel like it was good enough but I got a lot of great feedback!

This one makes me smile because this was one of the first times I truly felt beautiful in one of my photos. I was so hard on myself for a long time about not being good enough to do the Instagram thing. After this picture, I got my confidence and a passion for photos again!

I was super proud of this photo! I had been playing with prints and found this super cute blazer but then also NAILED this pose. I’m still dang proud of this one.

This was one of my very first big collaborations and it was so fun and exciting! It also opened the door for some other collaborations which is super awesome. The lady who owns LaPixie Wellness is super nice and was such a pleasure to work with.

This shoot was super fun! I again was playing with patterns and went WAY out of my box with this skirt. I loved how it turned out and even felt like a cool influencer!!

I had been eyeing these illustrations for months. Then a sweet girl with incredible talent offered to make me one for a lower price and I just couldn’t pass it up! So, I ordered it and was SO happy when I got it back. It made me feel super cool and like a legit blogger. Still so in love with it.

This one was a fun one for the year because I chopped my hair and was super happy about it! I also just love the colors in this one too!

This was my first try at an action shot which I am super proud of but also needs some work at! This also took so long to get the right shot!

Now, this one is the most important of all. I started a business and really took it to the next level with clients and business cards and trademarks! I can not wait to build this career.

So, here’s another try at an action shot! Again, this one took so many tries and I am pretty sure it gave me this nasty cold I have while writing this. But, I am super happy how it turned out regardless. Plus, it’s just more practice!

Here is another action shot! This one is my favorite and by far my best work. I mixed the action shot with mixed media edits to make it even better! I can only imagine what more practice will do!

Thanks for being along the journey with me this past year. I am so grateful for all the support, comments, and engagement. Thank you for the recommendations and kind words. I can’t wait to see what happens in 2020 and where it’ll take me.


Emily Avdem

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