Gift Guides for Him & Her: A Bunch of Ideas to Help You Get Inspired

The holidays are coming VERY soon and I have actually been terrible about gifts this year. Normally, I can think of some good things for the people in my life. I am not sure if it’s because the holidays kind of snuck on me this year or what but sometimes all we need is one idea to inspire a bunch of other gift ideas! So, here goes a bunch of ideas for him and her! Now, some may be repeated because they’re cook ideas for either but a lot of them can actually be overlapped. They don’t have to just be for a guy in your life or just a girl in your life. Feel free to run with an idea that works for whoever!


  1. pocketknife
  2. watch
  3. button-up (dress up)
  4. tie
  5. his favorite alcohol (if he’s old enough)
  6. fancy whiskey glasses (if he’s old enough)
  7. jewelry (necklace, bracelet)
  8. a favorite’s haul (candy, drink, food, clothing item, music)
  9. tool
  10. water bottle
  11. movie
  12. restaurant gift card
  13. store gift card
  14. shoes
  15. sport gear
  16. hunting gear
  17. fishing gear
  18. cook wear
  19. gas gift card
  20. board game
  21. video game
  22. phone accessories
  23. computer accessories
  24. coffee mug
  25. socks
  26. hat
  27. cleaning supplies
  28. car accessories/gear
  29. decor
  30. funny tees
  31. go pro
  32. drone
  33. xbox
  34. xbox accessories
  35. belt
  36. shaver
  37. shaving supplies
  38. haircut gift card
  39. books
  40. wallet
  41. tv
  42. tv accessories (speakers)
  43. boxers
  44. robe/slippers
  45. travel bag
  46. sunglasses
  47. winter gear
  48. cologne
  49. grilling set
  50. cufflinks


  1. shoes
  2. jewelry
  3. sweaters
  4. decor
  5. massage gift card
  6. makeup
  7. skincare (oils, moisturizers, creams)
  8. perfume
  9. haircare (mask, oils)
  10. scarves
  11. mugs
  12. wine supplies
  13. cocktail kit
  14. blankets (weighted blanket)
  15. phone accessories
  16. cleaning supplies
  17. cookware
  18. date idea jar (if it’s a romantic relationship)
  19. store gift card
  20. books
  21. plants
  22. purse, travel bag, mini backpack
  23. wallet
  24. tattoo gift card
  25. essential oils/diffusers (order here: She is doing a promo of $25 off your starter kit OR Free Christmas Spirit Foaming Hand Soap & the same scent in essential oil! WOWZA!
  26. hats/winter gear
  27. nail polish
  28. nail salon gift card
  29. undergarments
  30. coffee necessities (syrups, machines, french press)
  31. fuzzy socks
  32. pamper spa haul (lotions, masks, nail care items)
  33. food delivery service
  34. leggings/sweatpants
  35. vases/floral arrangements
  36. Tupperware
  37. concert tickets
  38. chocolate
  39. robe/pajamas
  40. alexa/google home
  41. apple watch
  42. blender
  43. fire stick
  44. rumba
  45. lint rollers
  46. camera (camera supplies)
  47. stationery
  48. sunglasses/blue light blocking glasses
  49. candles
  50. subscription (fabletics, fab fit fun)

Here are a ton of ideas to get you started and inspired to buy your loved ones some gifts! If you have more ideas please share!

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