5o Things To Be Thankful For: Perfect for a Gratitude List Slump

*Photo Credits to Cherry Tree Photography

With the Thanksgiving holiday right behind us I thought this would be a perfect blog post to write, not only for myself but my readers too. I think it can be easy for us to forget how many incredible blessings we have in our lives. I want to compile a list to remind myself of all the things i’m thankful for but to also do the same for you! I also thought this list would be great for people who practice gratitude lists everyday and find themselves in a bit of a slump. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get that going again! So, here it goes!

  1. Caring and Loving Parents
  2. Trustworthy and Close Sisters
  3. Sweet and Thoughtful Boyfriend
  4. Boyfriend’s Gracious and Kind Family
  5. A Great Education
  6. Knowledgable and Caring Professors
  7. Supportive and Fun Friends
  8. Helpful Resources
  9. Selfless People who helped me with my business stuff without compensation
  10. Encouraging and Caring Bosses
  11. New and Incredible Opportunities
  12. Confidence to Start My Business
  13. Success in my Business Already
  14. Family Time
  15. A Warm and Cozy Home
  16. A New and Beautiful Apartment
  17. Financial Means to be Independent (mostly thanks mom & dad)
  18. Delicious and Caffeinated Coffee
  19. Delicious Food (stuffing, caramel rolls, spaghetti)
  20. Good Smelling Essential Oils
  21. Seasonal Candles
  22. Going out of my comfort zone with my blog and YouTube channel
  23. Self-help books
  24. Romance Thriller books
  25. A Reliable & Working Car
  26. Pretty & Happy Flowers
  27. Fall Sweaters
  28. Contacts (i’m blind)
  29. Cute & Loyal Dogs
  30. Nature (mountains, trees, water)
  31. Entertainment (tv shows, movies, vlogs)
  32. Beauticians (I love getting my hair done)
  33. Bloggers (so inspiring and creative)
  34. People who can dance (it awes me)
  35. Organizations that help others
  36. Challenges that have helped me grow
  37. Music that touches/Country Music
  38. Ice Cream (Cold Stone & Silver Lining Creamery)
  39. Christmas and Fall Decor (hello so beautiful and happy)
  40. Christmas trees (this deserves it’s own)
  41. Unlimited Data (with my job this is so dang helpful)
  42. A Working Phone and Computer
  43. Cream Cheese (I love it so much)
  44. Creative Platforms (Pinterest, Canva, Instagram)
  45. Spectacular Customer Service (nothing makes my day more)
  46. Yellow (so dang happy)
  47. Planners (makes my life so easy)
  48. Colorful Pens (makes me feel productive)
  49. Coffee Mugs (makes my soul happy)
  50. Mascara (adds the perfect touch to life)

I could have easily done more if I wanted to but I figured there had to be a cutoff some time! I really do have so many things to be thankful every day. I think sometimes we can easily forget all of these things because of one bad thing that happens. We can’t let those few bad things ruin all of the great things we have! Lastly, I am so thankful for each and every one of you who read my blog posts. I wish I could give you all a hug because nothing means more to me. If you do read my blogs, let me know! I want to thank you!


Emily Avdem

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