Top 5 Favorite Essential Oils

Over the years my mom has introduced me to essential oils and all of their incredible benefits and I have fallen in love. Seriously. Oils are the best. I’ve been playing with different oils and have kind of settled on a select few that I use often and for different reasons! I may do more posts involving different blends and whatnot but I figured this was a good start! I’m hoping to provide some help to essential oil beginners or encourage somewhere to start their essential oil journey. If any of these oils intrigue you, check them out here!


This has been my favorite one since the beginning of my essential oils journey! It is so unbelievably calming and helps me get sleepy at night. I truly believe that our bodies become conditioned to certain things like smells, sounds, and things. So, if you smell lavender routinely 30 minutes before bed, soon, your body will just start to get tired every time you smell it. I don’t know, i’m not a scientist but I think Freud was onto something there.

2. Lemon

This one is great for multiple uses and that’s why I love it so much! Plus, it smells really good too! I use lemon for diffusing after I clean to make my room smell clean too! But, I also use it for putting in my sink after there has been a lot of gross dishes in there and then run some hot water through and it makes it smell super clean. In addition, you can use it with some hot water to do some cleaning like wiping down counters and such! Super good.

3. Thieves

I think it’s funny this is on my list because I used to HATE this smell. It smells a little cinnamon like and I don’t usually like it. However, I have started using it a lot more for cleaning lately and I have come to really enjoy it! It is used to build the immune system and kill germs! I use it a lot as a spray on things that collect germs (hands, counters, faucets, and stove handle). It’s also great in the diffuser too because it smells like Christmas!!

4. Stress Relief

I think this one kind of speaks for itself but I use this one a lot while I am doing homework, studying, or trying to relax. I find that it really helps me calm down and get things done without being super anxious and overwhelmed! It also mixes well with a lot of other scents!

5. Bergamot

This is a very new favorite for me! I was smelling my mom’s oils and came across this one and was in LOVE. It is such a great mix between floral and fruity and I seriously cannot get enough of it. I mix it with lemon and grapefruit usually and it just smells so fresh and clean!

Here are my top 5 favorite essential oils! Again, if you want to purchase any of these use this link! I love oils so much because I think they’re so much better for you than chemically filled cleaners and their scent lasts so much longer than artificial smells. Plus, they have dual purposes which is much more practical! What are your favorite oils?


Emily Avdem

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