An Open Letter to my Sisters

I think it’s about time for another open letter blog post! I figured I would write one to my sisters because I was sitting here just staring at my tattoo and started to get emotional about how much I love them! So, what better time?!

You’re my best friend.

I know so many people take for granted the opportunity of a deep friendship with their siblings but not me. No way. If I am worried about something, I’m telling my sisters. If I’m sad, I’m calling my sisters crying. If I am angry, I’m calling my sisters venting. If I have a secret, I’m already dialing my sisters’ number to gush to them about it. The kind of bond we have is so strong and I can’t imagine not having you in my life.

You’re my secret keeper.

I know that no matter what I tell you, you will not tell anyone. I never have to worry that if you’re too mad at me you will spill my secrets or you will tell Mom and Dad things I have done. I mean how freaking cool is it to have someone you know you can trust with your whole being? I’m lucky cause I have two of those!

You stick up for me.

I know that we make fun of each other. We give each other crap for things we have done, clothes we’ve worn, or people we have liked. BUT if anyone else in the whole world tries to do that to me, you are the first one to stand up and stick up for me. But know that I do the same thing for you. No matter what.

You inspire me.

There is seriously nothing that pushes me harder than knowing you guys are watching me. I want to show you that you can do anything you want, be anything you want, and that you’re way more capable than what you think. I want to be the best role model I can be for you and strive every day to fulfil that!

You challenge me.

I think siblings can be one of the most irritating people because they know exactly how to push your buttons and they usually do it often. Even though it can be extremely infuriating, it pushes you to your limits and it helps you practice patience. Not only that, you challenge me to be better. Better than I was yesterday. Why? Because I want you to look up to me.

You’re my free clothing store.

When I say free, I mean lots of yelling, bribing, and trading. Seriously though, having sisters is the best when you can share clothes, shoes, and accessories because that means more stuff and paying less!! Although it does come with a price and it usually is yelling!

I had to end with that one because I think every single girl who has a sister can relate to that! If you have a sister, share this and tag her!


Emily Avdem

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