5 Ways to Save Money

As I am getting near my last year of college and deciding on adult decisions like apartments, dogs, and furniture I realized that all of these things take money. No, i’m not dumb I know things cost money but I think we all get into situations where we realize we definitely could have been better at saving money in order to get what we want later. After some researching, trial and error, and tips I have come up with some really great ways to save money and get some extra padding in the bank account.

1.Save your change.

I think we often forget just how awesome this tip can be. Whenever I set my mind to save change I collect for a couple months and then cash in. Each time I get close to $100 in cash! That’s a nice amount that came from coins, which are things we usually forget about, throw away, or give away. Take those and make CASH.

2. Rakuten.

I just discovered this through my Mom and GIRL I AM OBSESSED. Shopping just got a whole lot more fun AND practical. Basically, this gives you cash back for buying things online that you were going to buy anyway. Also, they take the subtotal NOT your total. I bought a comforter set for $80 but my subtotal was $155. That means I received $15 cash back instead of $8. WHAT. Their customer service is quick and awesome too! Heres’ a link if you’re interested in signing up! You also get a $10 cash bonus for joining so basically what’s the harm? One thing to know though is they have cash out periods so you may have to wait a few months before you actually get your money. I find that kind of nice though because it allows it to add up so instead of $10 in cash you could get $200! Way better.

3. Google Rewards

My boyfriend introduced this to me but it’s pretty cool! You make an account using your google account and just take surveys. You get paid little by little each survey but it definitely adds up. In total, my boyfriend has made over $50 so far! Money he didn’t have before!

4. Shop discounts.

I think we all get so excited about new things that come out and want to have the newest things but in all reality we don’t. I think maybe some things are worth it but that doesn’t mean EVERY THING is worth the large price tag. I also think people forget that you can find things you LOVE on a clearance rack. I actually make it a rule that when I enter the store I immediately go to the sale rack. This way, i’m not tempted to buy things full price. It’s also good to have a number in your mind that you set for what a certain item is “worth” to you. For example, if a shirt is over $20, I really really really think about it. What’s the material made of? Is it comfortable? Easy to clean? Easy to wear with multiple other items?

5. Get serious about things you really need.

Along with thinking everything is worthy of your hard earned paycheck I think we think we NEED a lot of things. You don’t. Seriously. You don’t. Put it back. I used to buy 4 of every color of something or buy the same of one thing and I just realized that that was crazy. I was spending money on stuff that I already had or didn’t even use enough. But besides that, cut out things you don’t really need. Is it Starbucks every morning? Is it that huge statement necklace you might wear once? Is it the super cute shoes you saw in the window? What things don’t you need? Make a list of the things you can’t live without and stick to it!

Now, that’s my best list of savings tips! I think we all could use a little extra money in our savings accounts so why not! It’s not that hard, takes a little habit, and strength! After awhile it becomes easy to pick our priorities and decide what we should spend our money on! Comment below your saving hacks!


Emily Avdem

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