22 Life Lessons I Learned in 22 Years

When you’re reading this, it’ll be my birthday! Honestly, I’ve always loved birthdays because it always feels nice to feel special! Seriously, who doesn’t love that? But anyway, I have actually been reflecting on all of the things I’ve learned throughout the years. I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on all of those lessons I have learned to help someone else! OR if you’re older than 22 and you read this you might think, “Oh my gosh I remember learning that when this happened” or something funny like that! So here goes my 22 life lessons I learned in 22 years!

  1. My parents are my biggest supporters. Even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  2. Your siblings are your built-in best friends. Cherish it.
  3. I’m capable of way more than I give myself credit for.
  4. Your real friends will support you even if they aren’t succeeding too.
  5. It doesn’t matter what other people think, do what makes you happy.
  6. Doing things that scare you usually make the best opportunities and stories.
  7. Some people aren’t looking out for your best interest and it’s okay to cut ties with them.
  8. People are truly more concerned with themselves than they are with you, what you’re wearing, and what you’re doing.
  9. It’s okay to fail. and fail again. and again.
  10. Staying in a relationship that you think will “get better”, won’t get better.
  11. Being “too comfortable” is a thing. Get out of that comfort zone and grow.
  12. Tell people you love and care about them. Often.
  13. A compliment goes a looooooong way.
  14. It’s okay to ask for help. (mental health affects so many of us. It’s nothing to be ashamed about)
  15. Save your money. Don’t buy everything you think you “need”.
  16. Don’t say you don’t like something if you’ve never tried it.
  17. A girl or guy’s approval DOES NOT validate your worth. You do.
  18. Try all the workout classes. Even if you look silly.
  19. You don’t always have to have everything figured out.
  20. Say yes. but also say no. Give yourself opportunities BUT don’t overwhelm yourself.
  21. Wait for the guy who cares, doesn’t play games, and is never afraid to show you how much he loves you.
  22. Love yourself. Fully. Despite the flaws you seem to focus on.

I hope you liked this fun post! I’m enjoying the day with friends and family and ending it with Hocus Pocus!


Emily Avdem

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