Top 5 College Necessities

I figured with college nearing I should start posting more blog posts about college for the incoming freshmen who are FREAKING OUT about what it’s going to be like. Trust me, I know you’re freaking out because I did too! There is so much unknown and it can be very overwhelming for someone who doesn’t even know where to start! But as an incoming college senior I have some experience to share and tips to give! Here are some things I have found to be crucial to my college success!


Yes, I know in high school planners seem dumb and always end up unused but college is a whole different ball game. In high school someone is always reminding you to do something whether it be a friend, parent, or teacher so it’s a lot harder to forget to turn something in, complete an assignment, or study for a test. At college, your parents don’t know your schedule, your professor probably doesn’t know your name, and your friends are just as lost as you are! So, you have to buck up and make sure you are being responsible for your own stuff. Ask for a nice planner for Christmas or your birthday or go ahead and invest in a good one. I say that because you want to make sure it’s the right layout, right colors, and right size for your liking. If you love it, you’ll probably want to use it!

2. Headphones

This one might seem small and silly but it’s not. It is CRUCIAL. If I ever forgot my headphones one day I actually felt LOST. There is so many times that you’ll probably be using your headphones throughout the day and each time is just as important as the last. I used headphones when walking to and from classes, watching videos while eating, listening to music while studying, and more! I think being able to have headphones to isolate yourself for a few minutes is always good! Give yourself a few minutes to just check out! If your headphones are noise cancelling, that’s just a bonus!

3. A Study Spot

I think a lot of college freshmen get confused because they think “oh my gosh I can’t wait to study at Starbucks!!” or “I can just study in my dorm it’s easier.” but news flash, EVERY PERSON STUDIES DIFFERENTLY. You might realize that a coffee shop is too busy and distracting. You might realize your dorm room is only a place you like to relax. You need to find your successful study spot and if it’s not the cool coffee shop or convenience of your room, then so be it. You might have to sit your butt in the library or a private room in the tutoring space. It might not be an aesthetic coffee shop photo opportunity or a spot that you don’t have to travel far from but trust me, when you find a place where you can be productive and learn efficiently USE IT.

4. Academic & Events Calendar

I swear I look at this thing at least once a week and it’s something I used to think was useless! But, it holds everything you need to know! Holidays, breaks, games, homecoming, deadlines, financial dates, and more. It’s nice to have this printed out to see at any time! You can look it up as needed but I found I spent more time looking it up and finding it again than if I would have just printed it out. Make sure you take note of the dates and write them in your planner too! It helps! When you look at the events calendar too make sure to attend some of those! Get out, make friends, and have fun!

5. A Good Advisor/Time

Okay hear me out, this might sound dumb but being able to constructively talk with your advisor about your interests and classes that might help you is important! They also help if you aren’t sure what to do which is a plus. They can help with classes, jobs, professors, and clubs! They are kind of a one stop shop really! BUT when it comes to picking your classes it’s important to have your advisor help guide you but don’t just copy and paste what they suggest. If there is an elective that doesn’t have a certain class you HAVE to choose, do some searching. Find a class you think you’d really like or be interested in and try it! It is your college experience after all so make sure you’re designing it!

I hope this blog post helps you out in some way! There are so many important things you learn through college but sometimes it could save you some time and stress if you knew them beforehand. That’s what I’m here for! If you have some other college necessities comment them below! If you know of an incoming college freshmen, send this post their way!


Emily Avdem

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