The Ultimate College School Supplies List

I had a few people message me and say that a blog post listing the school supplies you need for college would be helpful and I instantly agreed. Why? Because when I went into college my freshman year I had absolutely no clue what the heck I was supposed to buy or what I would need. Does a college student need a ruler? Does a college student need crayons? Does a college student need notebooks for each subject? I HAVE NO IDEA. That’s okay, I know now and I’m here to tell you so that you don’t have to freak out like I did!

  1. Planner
  2. Notebook(s)
    • I usually like to get one for each subject OR a large notebook with multiple sections because it helps me keep everything organized
  3. Pens (get some multiple colors to organize your notes)
  4. Like 1 pencil for tests – seriously you only need a pencil for tests
  5. Backpack (make sure it’s got comfy straps)
  6. The only way you’d need rulers or colored pencils is if you’re in a creative class or something like that! Just read the syllabus it’ll tell you if you need it
  7. Calculator
  8. Stapler (trust me everyone will want to be your friend)
  9. Highlighters
  10. Sticky Notes
  11. USB Flash Drive
  12. Index Cards ( I use these as study flash cards but you can also use Quizlet)
  13. Binder
  14. Binder clips
  15. Folder(s)
  16. Pencil bag (easy to put all pens and highlighters in)

So, this is basically all you need for college. It’s definitely not as big of a list as you get in high school. It is a relief honestly because books and decor rob your bank account dry so knowing that you don’t have to add all these supplies onto it is nice. You can basically start with all of these supplies or you could wait till after the first week to see if you don’t need some of them. Chances are you’re living in a town where you could quickly drive to a store to grab an item after classes. Don’t fret! Life will go on. Also, if you forget an item just ask someone you’re sitting by to borrow an item, you might become best friends! If you’ve already been in college and you think I missed a school supply item comment below! Let’s share the knowledge!


Emily Avdem

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