50 Fun Things To Do While In College

I think one reason that people tend to get really down at college is because they don’t get out. If you’re stuck in your dorm for hours, days, and weeks at a time it can be extremely isolating. It’s no fun. It gives you nothing to really look forward to! This post is sponsored by Heart-n-Soul Community Cafe. All opinions are my own. I thought I would put together a list of different events that you can attend to while in college! They aren’t going to be specific college events. It might be events that happen at school, in the city, or things like that! I go to NDSU so some of the things on the list may be based more in the Fargo Moorhead area. But, I know other students from different colleges read this so I’m going to try and name things that probably most cities offer you’ll just have to Google it’s information!

  1. Red River Market (Farmer’s Market)
  2. Heart-n-Soul Community Cafe
    • A pop up cafe that provides nutritional, locally grown food in the F-M area. They welcome all people, regardless of their economic status. This allows community members who may not be able to afford a meal, to come and enjoy a nutritious meal like they would at a restaurant, no questions asked. They have suggested prices that guests can choose to pay the suggested amount, pay additional to that price to pay it forward, or pay what they are able, even if it is less than the suggested amount. They are a pop up which means they change their location throughout the month with varying dates and times each month. To view their upcoming dates visit here. Whether you want to join them for a nourishing meal or volunteer your time for this amazing nonprofit visit their site or Facebook.
  3. Sport’s Games (football, softball, volleyball, golf, basketball)
  4. Marathon
  5. Volunteer (food shelter, animal rescue, retirement homes)
  6. Downtown shopping/Window shopping
  7. Dances
  8. Club events
  9. Workshops
  10. Networking Events
  11. Speakers
  12. Block Parties
  13. Movies
  14. Restaurants (especially with college deals on certain nights)
  15. Concerts
  16. Comedians
  17. Campus Expos
  18. Job Expos
  19. Art Classes
  20. Creatively Uncorked class (wine & painting if you’re 21)
  21. Cookouts
  22. Meditation Classes
  23. Yoga
  24. Workout Classes
  25. Theater Performances
  26. Choir/Band Performances
  27. Museums
  28. Coffee Shops
  29. DIY Craft Event
  30. Board Game Night
  31. Cooking Class
  32. Thrifting
  33. Camping
  34. Hammocking
  35. Picnic
  36. Nature Walk
  37. Spa Day (at home or luxurious)
  38. Go Swimming
  39. Video Game Night (Guitar Hero, Wii)
  40. Donate blood/Plasma (may come with $$$$$!!!)
  41. Learn a new skill
  42. Visit a new part of town
  43. Karaoke Night
  44. Pub Crawls (if you’re 21, I don’t suggest underage drinking)
  45. Beach day (if you live somewhere warm!)
  46. Poetry Slam
  47. Art Fair
  48. Brewery Tour/Wine Vineyard Tour (again, drink responsibly and be 21)
  49. Welcome Week/Homecoming Week
  50. Pumpkin Patch

These are all of my best ideas for fun things to do while in college! Again, only attend events where you have to be 21 if you are! But grab some friends, take yourself on a date, or ask a family member to come with you! Enjoy your years at college and enjoy the people that surround you! If you have another fun event you don’t see here comment below!


Emily Avdem

3 thoughts on “50 Fun Things To Do While In College

  1. I went to a small college in the middle of nowhere Illinois. Having a car definitely made it easier to go out to different towns and to just get away from campus. Your last item on your list reminded me of one of my favorite things! There was a town outside of my university’s town that had an annual pumpkin festival! It was so much fun and of course everything was flavored, scented, and themed pumpkin. It was the best way to start fall and the school year. Plus, student discounts for my broke college lifestyle!


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