An Open Letter To My Dad

I really wanted to make a series on this blog going off of “An Open Letter To My Best Friend” and write a thoughtful, personal, and mushy gushy letter to different people in my life. The reason being is almost everyone can relate to at least one of the letters and I don’t know about you but I am a sucker for these things when they pop up on my timeline. I also think it’s really important to be reminded of how grateful we are for certain people in our lives and how we should give them a little shout out every once in awhile for the great things they do. So, if you have a great dad and you remember just how grateful you are for him in this post, share it with him! Send him a nice text. Call him. Visit him. Seriously, these people deserve a little extra love!

Thank you for being such a good listener.

I know that no matter what I’m going through I can always come to you to vent or talk. You don’t insert advice or suggestions or try to fix everything for me. You just simply let me get all of my feelings out there and then comfort me when I need it. You don’t make me feel dumb, ashamed, or burdensome.

Thank you for setting the example.

I think this is what I am thankful for most. You showed me exactly what I should look for when finding a boyfriend. I found myself to be very picky when searching for a boyfriend because nobody even came close to my standards. You set them way too high! They had to be strong. They had to be hardworking. They had to be thoughtful. They had to be caring. They had to be dependable. They had to be a good listener. They had to be good at comforting me. They had to be stable. I mean the list seriously goes on and on.

Thank you for being a softie.

One thing I had noticed from talking to a lot of my friends was that their dads were more standoffish. They weren’t known to show much emotion or express much sentiment. But I was lucky. I got the exception. You never missed an opportunity to tell me you loved me. You always told me I looked beautiful or pretty when I got ready for a school dance. If I told you one of my friends was having a hard time you would have me tell them you were there for them if they needed anything. You would cry whenever we cried. If something was important to us you had a REALLY hard time saying no. Whenever I went in for a hug, you graciously excepted with open arms. It taught me that there is nothing wrong with men showing emotion. In fact, who doesn’t love being told they’re loved, pretty, or that someone is proud of them?

Thank you for taking care of me. Even when I don’t always say thank you.

I swear you do so dang much behind the scenes and sometimes it get’s taken for granted, I know. But, once I went to college I really realized how good I had it. You took care of me in ways I didn’t even know and for that I am ever so grateful! When you got the oil changed in my car, washed my car because I don’t ever think of it, take it in the morning to put gas on it because you know it’s low, change the light bulb in my room because you know it’s been flickering too much, fix the things I break, and basically everything else.

Thank you for supporting me, even if you don’t understand what it is I’m doing.

When I started this blog, the Instagram thing, and other stuff that is a little too technical for you, you didn’t blow it off. You maybe used the wrong terms of things when asking me questions or making comments but the encouragement was still there. You encouraged to get a camera to take better photos. You ask how my podcast interview went. You ask how I did on a test. I can’t thank you enough for always checking in on things that are important to me because your opinion and praise means a lot!

Thank you for working so hard.

Anyone who knows you would probably say that hardworking is your top characteristic. It’s something I have always admired about you. No matter how tired you are you are up at the buttcrack of dawn to start another full day of work. No matter how long your workday was, you show up to your kid’s games, concerts, and events with a smile on your face. You worked extra odd jobs after working an eight hour day to make more money to be able to buy us the things we wanted, get new shoes for basketball, or afford to take us on a fun family vacation. You do so much for all of us and we will never ever be able to repay you.

Thank you for always being the one everyone can depend on.

I was going to say thank you for being the one I can depend on but if you know my dad, you probably feel the exact same way I do. You have probably called him before to help you in a crisis or ask for a favor. And guess what, you’ve probably never been let down either. I call my dad time and time again to ask him to jump my car, grab the jersey I forgot, or ask him why my car is making a weird noise. But then I hear his phone go off over and over again and it’s calls from people asking for their own favors like can you check my pipes, can you watch my house, can you mow my lawn, can you take care of that, I mean the list is endless. People don’t thank you enough for all that you do to make everyone else’s lives easier so I will do it now, thank you!!

Thank you for being you.

I truly cannot express how much love and respect I have for you. I cannot express how thankful I am to be your daughter. I cannot express how grateful I am that you are my dad. Some girls don’t get so lucky, I know that. And that truly breaks my heart. I wish I could give everyone a dad like you because that means this world would be a much better place because of it. I love you with my whole heart and more dad.


Emily Elizabeth

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