La Parea Wellness: The Fairy of Self-care and Wellness

I don’t know about you but I am a huge advocate for self-care. I love taking the time to create a routine that helps me feel rejuvenated, healthy, and happy. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find products that mirror those same attributes because they’re filled with unknown chemicals and unpronounceable ingredients. But, La Parea Wellness approaches self-care with natural ingredients and holistic strategies. You can find a range of products with affordable prices to help with chronic issues, a stressful day, or restless sleeps. So, basically La Parea Wellness has got your self-care routine covered. This blog is sponsored by La Pixie Wellness but all opinions are my own. 

Samanta Moise, CEO and founder of La Parea Wellness, has come full circle with her wellness journey. From her experience with a wealth of plants and natural compounds in Ecuador to her 10 years of clinical and administrative settings have molded her into the wellness focused entrepreneur she is today. She thanks her adopted home, United States, for supporting her nursing studies, exposing her to multiple branches of modern medicine, and encouraging her entrepreneurial spirit because that’s what helped her curate La Parea Wellness. She hopes by providing this holistic and natural way of self-care she can give back to her adopted home.

La Pixie Wellness offers a wide variety of products that range from aromatherapy, oils, and skincare products. Not only does La Parea Wellness provide self-care products for adults, they also cater to the kiddos too! To illustrate just how many products she offers I want to list a few here to hopefully peak your interest, I know they did mine!

That’s not even half of the products on the website which is CRAZY. I love being able to choose exactly what type of product will work for my needs but also not be limited to only two options!

Samanta hopes her customers find relief, comfort, and a balance between medicine and holistic products. She also hopes you sense the little piece of her heart in every product you use because it’s definitely there!

Another great thing about La Parea Wellness is customer satisfaction is her number one priority which means if a customer has any issues or concerns with a product they have 30 days to return it. In addition, if a product arrives broken/malfunctioned or the customer just isn’t satisfied with it’s quality, either a full return or new product will be given to compensate. From being a customer to working in retail, cooperating with your customers and providing them a pleasant experience is so important and is one of the top things I look for when shopping with a business. If you want great, quality products with great quality customer service, La Parea Wellness is the business for you!

If you want to learn more about La Pixie Wellness visit their website here or follow their social media accounts: Instagram and Facebook. To view exclusive information about products, product use, or other important information follow their blog.


Emily Avdem

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