FM Aerial & Movement Arts: A Hidden Gem in Fargo, ND

Have you ever been at the gym, walking on the treadmill, like you have been for the last three weeks. Just bored with the same workout? Or maybe you’re the maid of honor for your besties wedding and you are absolutely blanking on activities to do. Maybe, you are trying to strengthen your yoga practice but just can’t find the right place to do it. Well, I have the perfect solution for you, FM Aerial & Movement Arts. It’s a place that conducts pole exercise classes for beginners or experts, a space for individuals to use for their own  exercise journeys, or a community where you can find the confidence to grow. This is a sponsored post by FM Aerial & Movement Arts. All opinions are my own. 

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Yvette Reyes, the owner of FM Aerial & Movement Arts, journey of grit, perseverance, and intelligence has crafted her to be the perfect entrepreneur for this studio. From boarding school in New Mexico to being a full-time welder, she finally found her passion through pole exercise. She was a student at Total Woman for over two years, learning as much as she could about the practice. After she felt confident enough in her ability, she became an instructor, sharing all of her new found skills. After the previous owner of Total Woman decided to sell or close the studio, Yvette couldn’t let it go. So, she bought the studio and renamed it to help promote the idea that the studio can be used for far more than just the pole exercise.

Yvette hopes to provide the FM area with community, challenge, growth, and confidence. She strives to ensure that her customers know that her business is a not for profit meaning everything you put into the studio, comes back to you. Another thing about the studio Yvette wants customers to find is confidence in themselves. Her instructors help with the beginning stages and guide you but everything comes from within and she thinks that extremely empowering.

The studio offers multiple services for various needs a customer might have:

  • -open access membership for $60/month
    • practice yoga, pilates, dancing, etc.
  • -have mats, pilate balls, and resistance bands for customer use
  • -$40/hour workshops
    • just recently had a twerk workshop (how fun!)
  • -$15-$20 pole exercise classes with various instructors
  • -pole taster is $10 (perfect for beginners)
  • -privates are $40+ depending on time, intensity, and level

If any of these services sound intriguing to you, head on over to their website or Facebook for more information!

Yvette is excited for the potential and growth that is going to happen because of the business’s existence and can’t wait to provide a space where people can create and collaborate.

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**Yvette is looking for an artist interested in showcasing their work on one of her studio walls. She is willing to compensate for the work put in. If you’re interested, contact her through Facebook or the business website.


Emily Elizabeth

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