I’m Vlogging??

As some of you may know by now, I’ve started vlogging on Youtube. I’ve thought about doing it for quite some time now..I would say years even. I actually even had a channel years ago when I was in middle school but eventually chickened out after a few videos. This year has been full of saying yes to new opportunities and no to fear. So, here’s a little bit about my YouTube channel, why I started, and what I plan to do with it.

It’s been in the back of my mind to start a YouTube channel for quite awhile and I honestly thought, what’s the worst that could happen? I started the blog even though I was terrified and it’s done great things. I started a podcast and it went well. I said yes to a job that I was extremely scared of and it’s only made me a better content creator. So, I decided, why the heck not start vlogging?

I was mostly terrified to start because, yes, I do like to post pictures but they’re always posed and approved. But YouTube videos are way different and more raw. I didn’t necessarily know if I wanted other people to see me that way. Also, what would I even talk about? What would I record me doing? How do I edit a video successfully? There were so many doubts running through my mind but eventually I pushed them all aside and just said YES.

I wanted to do vlogging because it is a lot more personal and you really get to know the people you’re keeping up with. There are people who read my blog post every week or see the couple photos I post on Instagram but maybe don’t actually know what I am up to on a daily basis. I also love watching my own vloggers on Facebook and truly look forward to their videos each day. So, I thought maybe someone would like watching mine? Maybe they would get to know me more? Even if it entertained only one single person, it would be so worth it.

My plan for vlogging is going to be how I run everything. I will probably post once a week at the beginning so that everyone can rely on that one day a week to have something to watch. I think consistency is so important when it comes to content creation and promotion because if I don’t take myself seriously, who will? I also plan to just keep it fun with no pressure because if I make it not fun, it won’t be fun.

I hope you guys all enjoy my videos and are still loving my blog posts! I put so much love and effort into these different platforms and hope you see that! I also hope that me telling you this story inspires you to do something out of your comfort zone today, tomorrow, or next week. It’s so dang important and will usually end in something great.


Emily Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “I’m Vlogging??

      1. Thank you! Yes I definitely created a list, like a soft version of a bucket list, and been crossing it off! Funny bc I just posted something like your post recently


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