Formulate Review

Hey guys! I’m really excited to write this blog post reviewing the Formulate shampoo and conditioner! When they first reached out to me I was immediately impressed by how personalized their items are and how incredible their customer service is. Honestly, I have never been more impressed by those things in a company. I hope you enjoy this blog post and that it intrigues you to look into this company! Also, read the whole post because a giveaway link is at the bottom for these awesome products! This giveaway is sponsored by Formulate. All opinions are my own.

So, right away you’re going to take a quiz to let the curators know what your hair is like and what your hair goals are! This is important because it allows the curators to pinpoint exactly what ingredients you need in your products to help you achieve those goals. It was super easy and made me feel really rich and luxurious honestly. In addition to your goals, you pick the scent you want and the strength of the scent! Which by the way, is awesome as heck! After that, you wait for the magic to happen!

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When my package first arrived I admired how sleek and beautiful it was. I’ve never received something so gorgeous in the mail before. As soon as I opened it, the scent I chose just like hit me in the face and that made me so excited to try it! I’ve never had a shampoo and conditioner smell so strong before and I really appreciated that because why use good smelling ones if you can’t even smell it on your hair in 2 hours? By the way, I chose the scent Tidal which consists of coconut, sea, and sand! It smells super fresh and light but strong because I chose the strongest scent possible!

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Along with the bottles, there comes a pamphlet of all of the information you need about your new products! It’s really personalized with a lot of valuable information (with pictures too so it’s not like your reading a textbook). My hair goals were:

  • Mend split ends
  • Lengthen
  • Improve scalp health
  • Oil control
  • Curl definition

I chose each one of these myself because of past experiences with my hair. I liked that I was able to basically make my own shampoo and conditioner because who knows my hair better than I do? Nobody! On the next side of the page, it tells me what ingredients are in my products which is BOMB. It helped me learn more about what I’m using but also why I’m using it! The secret ingredient in mine was pumpkin seed oil (who new that was even good for your hair?) because it is rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids which apparently is a super food for hair and skin! Woohoo! I’ll have some of that please! I appreciate this part of the process though because not many other companies are as open and informative about the ingredients in their products.

Next, I used the products. I want to explain my experience with actually using the products so you guys kind of know what to expect! I had read a lot of reviews before using it just in case there was some helpful tips that I could use to make my experience better. One thing I noted on quite a few reviews was that the first use will probably make your hair oily or filmy. Your hair isn’t probably used to such natural ingredients which means it just has to get used to the new products! I chose to use the products on the weekend when it wouldn’t matter if my hair was greasy looking the next day! However, I didn’t experience much greasy feelings after but I did notice a little bit of a filmy feel.  Another thing I noticed was that the scent strength did really hold up. It smelt good for hours after the shower!

So, actually, the consistency of the filmy and greasy feel continued after a couple washes so I reached out to the rep of the company and explained my issue. He informed me that mine was used with an older formula that caused this to happen so they rushed out a second formula for me that didn’t cause that greasy feel! I also asked if I could change my scent just so I would be able to try out as much as I could to share with you guys and they were so cooperative it was insane! I changed my scent to the blood orange and WOW. It smells so good!

After my first wash with this newer formula my hair was amazing. I didn’t get that filmy feel and it looked so soft and bright. I was really impressed with the first wash. I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner for a couple weeks now and here is where I have landed on all of my hair goals:

  • Mend split ends
    • now I’m not really sure if the Formulate shampoo and conditioner helped with this! I think if I had gotten my hair done they would have told me how it was but truthfully I don’t know how to tell if it’s great or not! I mostly clicked this one in hopes that I wouldn’t need to maintain it as much.
  • Lengthen
    • Again, I think since I see my hair every day it’s harder for me to tell if it lengthened it much or not! Even though I can’t tell 100% for sure, I feel like my hair did get longer cause I’m needing a trim soon! However, I don’t know if that’s from the Formulate products or just natural hair growth.
  • Improve scalp health
    • Now, this one I think really worked. Sometimes, my scalp itches and gets irritated and since I have used Formulate I haven’t had any issues! So, that goal was met for sure!
  • Oil control
    • This one I was a little disappointed about. I like to lengthen the time between washes and I felt like this formula didn’t help with that. If anything, I thought that I actually had to wash more often than I initially do. Now, I’m not sure if it’s my hair reacting to the formula or the natural ingredients but it really didn’t help with oil control.
  • Curl definition
    • So, this one was a big win but came with a disadvantage. The formula helped my curls be more defined and lengthened their stay by a long time. Even though my curls got better it resulted in a lot of knots! I basically quit brushing my hair because it hurt so bad to try and get the tangles out. I guess you can’t have it all right?

Overall, my experience with Formulate was really positive. I love the fact that you can personalize the goals and scent and scent strength to your interests and needs. There is no other shampoo and conditioner brand that allows you to be so hands on in the creation of it.

They are actually giving my followers a giveaway link that you can use to enter to win your very own Formulate formula! SO COOL!

To enter the giveaway click here! The giveaway will be ending on 5/20/2019 so hurry and get your name entered! The best part is, even if you don’t win, you will still get $5 off your order! Let me know if you have any questions!


Emily Avdem


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