An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

When I sit down and think about how long we have been friends I immediately start to get emotional. Why? Because every great memory I can think of, you’re a part of in some way. Every bad day I ever had, you were there to comfort me. For every boy that came in and out of my life, you were there through the whole thing. For every embarrassing stage I went through, there’s pictures of you right next to me going through it too. You’re truly a piece of every single memory I have of my past 21 years and I cannot imagine it any other way. I have so many things I could thank you for and I honestly don’t think I would have enough room to do so. The list is endless, just like my love for you! Here’s a few reasons I have to be thankful that you’re my best friend:

Thank you for always making me laugh.

When I think back to all of the memories we have, most of them consist of you making me laugh. I mean belly laugh. I mean the laugh until I pee a little laugh. Your sense of humor is like nobody else’s and I have always always loved that about you. Between the impersonations, sarcastic comments, and whitty comebacks I don’t know how I wasn’t supposed to be laughing all the time.

Thank you for always trying to get me out of my “fear zone”.

I would say comfort zone but for me it’s always been that I have been to scared or paranoid to do the fun stuff. You always tried to talk some sense into me and I appreciate that you took on that never-ending battle. I know it’s annoying and I know it probably wasn’t fun but you’re the reason I did have fun and do things that were a little edgier for me 😉

Thank you for pushing me. 

In high school I think we both used the things we admired about each other and turned them into jealousy. Luckily, the older we got the more it turned into genuine admiration and something we used to push each other to be better. You have always been the determined one. I mean you can stick to a healthy lifestyle better than anyone I know. I’ve always admired that. You can stick to a habit like it’s the last thing you have to do. You do it with ease and grace. How? I have no idea. But I’ve always wished I could do it too! You’ve always been extremely intelligent. You understand concepts faster and can honestly just get things faster.

Thank you for being the one who just gets it.

Because we have had similar experiences and have encountered each other’s experiences I don’t have to explain things and I don’t have to explain myself because you just get it. I’m so grateful to have someone who understands me and I don’t have to explain it.

Thank you for reminding me what I deserve, even when I don’t agree.

When guys come into my life and treat me any less than perfect, you’re the first one to note it. You remind me that I deserve better and shouldn’t accept anything less than perfect. You are my reality check when I am blinded by all the fake sweet words. Sometimes it sucks to hear but it’s always necessary.

Thank you for all of the inside jokes. 

This is one I’m most thankful for honestly. The inside jokes that nobody else understands and it honestly isn’t as funny if we try to explain it to them. The inside jokes that don’t even require us to speak are usually always the most funny ones. When we can just gesture in a general direction and the other person knows what we are talking about and immediately start bursting out laughing. The inside jokes where one of us can say one word and we both start laughing too hard to even finish the story. The inside joke that we start laughing so hard we both start laughing over each other and we cannot stop.

Thank you for inspiring me. 

You already know this and I always tell you how much you inspire me but how awesome to have your best friend as an inspiration? You inspire me with your intelligence. You inspire me with your motivation. You inspire me with your beauty. You inspire me with your work ethic. You inspire me with your loyalty. You inspire me with your humor. You inspire me with your thoughtfulness. You inspire me with your whole being.

Thank you for always being happy for me. 

I think the best of friendships are the ones that are always happy for each other’s successes. So thank you for always being happy for me when something good happens for me or I am kicking ass. It means more to me than you will ever know. I also hope you know that I’m your biggest cheerleader and any success you endure, I endure. I am always happy for anything great that comes your way because I know just how much you deserve it.

I cannot thank you enough for being my best friend. I cannot put into words how genuinely grateful I am to have you in my life. You’ve been there since the beginning and I can’t imagine my life without you. I hope you love my super sappy post and I’m sorry that I’m so mushy gushy but some things just have to be said!


Emily Elizabeth


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