Fashion Finds Under $20: Affordable Trends

I went shopping this past weekend and I scored some really great finds for CHEAP! I am someone who doesn’t like to spend full price for any piece of clothing because well..I’m cheap! But also because there are so many times where I LOVE something and pay full price then 2 days later, it’s on sale for half off. Sister, patience is a virtue, 100%. So, here are some pieces I found all $20 or under! I’m wearing my new jacket right now as I type this!

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Okay this is probably my favorite piece that I got. I was really surprised that I liked this so much because let’s be honest, it’s corduroy which can be seen as old school. I know some of my dad’s friend have had corduroy jackets but as soon as I put this on I was like ok YES I need this. I feel like it’s one of those pieces that you can put on with anything and it just works. You can make it be fancy or you can throw it on with leggings and a t-shirt. It’s also really comfortable which is a huge plus for me. I snagged this jacket at Forever 21 for $7.99. Yes, $7.99. I have been disappointed with Forever 21’s selection lately but when I saw this I figured I could let all that go.

I go to Old Navy all the time for the basics. You can never go wrong with a soft and comfortable tee. They last for so long and there is always such good variety in the selections. I snagged this red and olive tee from Old Navy for around $10. I’m always impressed with Old Navy’s low prices for good quality clothing. If you’ve never gone there, please get in your car and go now. It’s the best.

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Speaking of Old Navy, when I found this cardigan hidden in the clearance rack I about crapped myself. Normally this is around $45 because it’s extremely good quality, soft, and comfortable. I got it for $17. Which I would like to reemphasize that I got this cardigan for $17. UGH sometimes Old Navy really impresses me with their amazing deals and great quality pieces.

This is the last time I’ll talk about Old Navy in this post – you’re welcome! 😉 I like jewelry pieces that aren’t obnoxious but still noticeable. I also like when I can wear them on my thumb, I truly don’t know why but I think it’s so cute that way! The ring on the left is one I’ve always loved but could never find the right one with the right price – both of these rings were $7.99! I don’t mind spending that compared to Forever 21’s like $2 because these rings are a lot better quality! Sometimes it’s quality over quantity for sure.

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I am so stoked about this jacket!!!! I was browsing through the downtown shops in Fargo the other weekend and thought I would take a peek in Kittsona. Normally, I don’t find much there just because of the price tags and sizing but they always have cute stuff! I was looking through their clearance rack and this cute denim jacket caught my eye. The coolest thing about it is that the bottom isn’t straight. It’s like uneven and worn looking! I thought it was really flattering and the color is also super neutral which means it can go with anything! That’s a win for me. This one was the most expensive in my haul priced at $19. Honestly, I wasn’t too upset considering boutique denim jackets run somewhere close to $65/$70! I also know boutique’s clothing is really good quality.

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The last piece that I got was this cute flannel jacket from Target! It’s like a dupe for American Eagle’s soft and sexy flannel jackets. Basically they’re so dang soft and comfy but the price tag of $45/$50 isn’t too cute. So, in the clearance section of Target I found this deep red one for $10! How insane is that price difference? It seriously feels the exact same as the AE one too! A win for me!

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post! I know my last one like this received a lot of views so I think you guys like good deals just as much as I do! If you do love posts like these, let me know in the comments!!


Emily Elizabeth



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