My Current Favorites List 2019

I know YouTuber’s do videos like this a lot and usually do it monthly. I don’t normally watch those videos because half the time they’re really expensive products and your girl just isn’t about that life. I thought maybe I could do one for all of the broke people out there who would love some new recommendations without the scary price tag to go with it.

When I started writing this I realized that my favorites are kind of all over the place and I can’t even really do genre sections cause this girl can’t be boxed in!!!!!

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Estee Lauder Foundation

Okay so this one is the more pricey one BUT I think a lot of people do pay quite a bit for there foundation because let’s be honest, a girl needs something that’s got good coverage and no cheap foundation is going to really do the job. But basically, Taylor convinced me to get it because I was on the hunt for a new foundation. I had been using the Younique foundation but I felt like my skin was getting too used to it and that it just wasn’t working for me anymore. Mind you, I had literally been using this for like years! So, it was time for a change. Taylor was telling me that it’s good for oily prone skin and has great coverage! In addition, even though it is expensive it does last a longer time which makes it worth it! I’ve noticed it’s high coverage but it is still smooth and light on the skin! I am loving it!

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Cappuccino Packets 

So, I used to buy coffee quite a bit because I just couldn’t make it good enough at home. I spent so much money when I had ingredients for coffee at home BUT it just didn’t taste the same. I don’t know about you but a good fricken cup of coffee makes my entire day. So, it was important for me this year to figure out how to make my coffee good enough for me to be excited about having it from home! Finally, I came across cappuccino packets and my life was forever changed! I buy the mocha ones because for some reason I have been loving mocha flavored coffees. I buy mine at Target and they’re in a pack of 4 for $1.

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New Girl

I used to watch this show but I quit halfway through for some reason. I started it back up recently because I needed a new show and people have been raving over it again. I decided to give it another try! I laugh soooo hard. Seriously, I do my snort laugh and my laugh where I feel like I might pee my pants at any moment. I laugh so hard my face hurts. I also love shows that are only 20 minutes long because it allows me to start and stop more easily and not make me feel like I’ve just wasted my whole day! I kind of feel like it’s the new sitcom of this year. I have watched Friends over way too many times to count so it’s nice to have a new one to watch!


Girl Wash Your Face

It’s been taking me awhile to finish this book but I have been excited to read a chapter here and there when I do have time. It either inspires me, kicks my butt into gear, or gives me a huge reality check. I also love Rachel Hollis in general so being able to hear here advice on a different platform is awesome. I want everyone to have this book! *Keep an eye out for a giveaway coming soon! 😉

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I’ve always loved podcasts but lately I have just been listening to them any time I put my headphones in. I have also been finding a lot of awesome different podcasts which makes me even more eager to listen to them. There is one I just recently found and I am HOOKED. It’s called Trailercast and it’s basically a therapist with a podcast. You are like having sessions without paying a penny and I think that’s cool. But it really helps you open your mind a little bit but also heal some things you might not of even know were broken.

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I LOVE CARDIGANS AND SWEATERS. Seriously. Nothing I love more. Especially when you get a really soft one and it just makes you feel super comfy and cozy and happy! But also, it keeps you warm during these cold winter days and goes with any bottoms! You can wear jeans or sweatpants! It really is just the best thing ever and I have waaaay too many in my closet.

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UGG boots

So I got these ugg boots for Christmas and they aren’t like the ugg boots you’re probably used to! They look SOOO much cuter and are SOOO much more durable. They are comfortable but also great to trudge through this winter snow with. I wear them like every single day and I have absolutely no shame about it whatsoever.

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I’ve been eyeing those REALLY nice pens that you see the cool girls using on campus, you know like they come in a huge pack and they stand up by themselves while you’re using them and they just make you feel like a million bucks. I’m serious. I’ve wanted them for an unbelievably long time but I just never wanted to spend the like $20 on them! Finally, I got a new journal and decided it was time I bought those damn pens! I actually ended up getting the smaller size though for cheaper because there was like a few colors difference in the bigger size but nothing worth having. Anyway, these pens have made writing in my planner even more fun and that says a lot coming from a planner fanatic! If you like journaling, coloring, or writing in your planner, get yourself these super cool pens!

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Michele Reed

I found Michele on YouTube somehow, I’m sure it was like a suggested video from another video I watched but however it happened, I’m grateful! I have been absolutely hooked on Michele’s videos lately and it’s been that way for quite some time actually. I would say I’ve been obsessed with her content for more than a year now. It’s one of those things where I follow her on every social media and drop everything every time she posts a video. Honestly, I’m not joking. She’s such a kind soul, productive student, and quirky personality. Her content genuinely makes my day better and that’s so important when looking for new influencers to binge on! Go check her out!

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Hoop earrings

These babies are my new sidekick. Whether they are small, large, gold, silver, long, or short these things add SOOO much to any outfit. I have no idea what it is but it makes me feel so classy and sexy. When I put hoops in I actually think I start to walk a little different too, kind of like I’m just making this world my runway. Buy yourself a pair of hoops and then let me know what you think! Send me pics too because I LOVE THEM. 🙂

Well, those are all my favorites for everything right now. They are the things I have been obsessing over recently and can’t stop using or can’t put down. Let me know what things are on your favorites list!


Emily Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “My Current Favorites List 2019

  1. I love new girl and I have just started to get back into it as well! 😊 also love podcasts, they are just great when working as well! Great post xx


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