What I Eat In a Day


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For breakfast I had Greek Yogurt, honey vanilla flavor which is my absolute FAVORITE. Then I topped it with some mandarin oranges because, well, yumm. I love something like this in the morning cause it picks me up and is lighter, which I appreciate for the morning as my stomach can’t handle heavy right away in the a.m.



This probably looks really unappetizing to most people but it was really good! Stir fry veggie mix, brown rice, meatballs, and pickled beets! I used soy sauce and barbecue sauce to flavor it a little bit! It was really filling and super delicious! I am kind of the queen of just like throwing shit together and eating it to be honest so I can understand if this isn’t your cup of tea! However, I think you should try something similar because mixing different foods and flavors can be super delicious! You never know what flavors mix well together!



These are actually really good! They even work as kind of a dessert which is good for me because I always have a sweet tooth after a meal! it almost have a little bit of a cinnamon flavor to it as well! Since there is peanut butter in it it’s pretty filling too! Good for an afternoon pick me up!


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*Please note this is not my photo because I was too hungry to stop and take a pic of mine oops

Dinner for me is usually whatever the heck I want to eat OR whatever the heck I have in my fridge. A lot of the time, those things never actually intersect so I usually end up eating leftovers or a random assortment of things that need to be eaten soon. This night I had leftover tuna noodle hot dish! It’s one of my favorite meals! Add a little potato chips on top and mmmm..i’m drooling thinking about it really. Sometimes if i’m still hungry i’ll add some pretzel crisp chips dipped in cottage cheese! One of my favorite sides.


Emily Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “What I Eat In a Day

  1. this was so interesting to read – i am the worst at eating leftovers but you’ve inspired me to make more of an effort with that this week! x


  2. You dinner meal (including the potato chips on top = THE BEST). Also the most Midwestern thing I’ve read all day 🙂


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