Perfect College Morning Routine

I was thinking about what my next blog post should be and I had remembered that a few people suggested more day in the life posts. I then was like oh, i’ll do another one of those but realized I just did one about 2 months ago! So, I wanted to dig a little deeper into one specific part of my day instead. This part of my day is probably my most favorite because it really sets the intentions for the rest of the day. It’s the part of the day that I cherish and relish in wholeheartedly, the morning. I have spent years curating my perfect morning routine to set myself up for a productive and positive day.

-7:30 a.m.-

Nothing truly starts for me until 10 a.m. each day so I like to sleep in till around 7:30 a.m. Sometimes I hit the snooze button till 8 a.m. but i’m usually pretty good about naturally waking up right around 7:30 a.m. It usually only takes me about 40 minutes to get ready but I like to take my time and add in a few things to liven up my mornings! When I first wake up I try not to look at any social media. Yes, you heard me. I shut my alarm off and make sure I didn’t miss any important texts or calls then shut it off and set it back down. I’m also one of those crazy people who doesn’t lay there for awhile, I immediately get up and start my day!

-7:40 a.m.-

The first couple things I do to start my morning is go to the bathroom (icky I know but hey it’s a day in the life and i’m not gonna lie to you guys), wash my face, brush my teeth, start my coffee pot, put on my outfit, and put on some chapstick. This part of my morning is absolutely ritual. This never changes and always happens, even if I sleep in too late. It’s kind of like my necessities of the morning, nothing too fun but has to be done!

-8:10 a.m.-

During this 30 minute time I usually make my breakfast, fill my coffee with creamer, and start reading. For breakfast I go back and forth between a smoothie, toast, eggs, bagels, and oatmeal. I really love breakfast food so I try to listen to my body and give it what it’s craving that day. But if i’m honest, I try to do a smoothie often because it’s healthy and it makes me feel like a health guru the rest of the day. For my coffee, I have found the perfect concoction of things to make my coffee taste almost like one I could buy from Starbucks. I’m not going to lie to you though, it really doesn’t taste the exact same at all but it does taste pretty fricken good for being homemade from a $15 Walmart coffee pot. So, go buy yourself some cappuccino packets. These will be your very best friend! I found mine at Target in a pack of four for $1! They work great! Starbucks also has these k-cups mixes that come with packets too but they are expensive for my broke butt! Then I mix in a little bit of some type of mocha creamer, it’s my fav! Then, I top it off with a little whipped cream to make me feel fancy and BAM deliciousness. For my reading I like to start with my Rediscover Jesus book because it also puts me in a really positive and grateful mindset. If I have a little extra time i’ll pick another book that looks interesting and read a little of that!

-8:40 a.m.-

For the next 30 minutes I start getting prettied up. I do my hair and makeup for the day. I also like to give myself extra time for this so that I don’t feel rushed and I can just enjoy the process and jam out to my jams or get invested in a podcast! I like to get creative with my eye makeup and try different styles because it brings me a lot of joy! *reminder to enjoy the little things you’re passionate about. Give those things a few extra minutes for you to do! 

-9:00 a.m.-

For these next twenty minutes or so I usually finish up my smoothie if I haven’t drank it all and reheat my coffee because it’s basically ice by this point! I sip on those while I browse Pinterest for creativity, finish up a blog post, or go through Instagram to see if I need to reply to any comments or if I should engage in some posts. This chill time is really just for me to do the things I really like to do and enjoy it!

-9:30 a.m.-

During the last thirty minutes I finish up whatever I’m doing and rinse out all my dishes, pack my lunch box, (which is always easy because I have my lunches and snacks prepped from my prep days), fill up my water bottle and transfer what’s left of my coffee into my Yeti! Then I get my jacket and boots on and make sure I have everything in my backpack that I need for the day. Then I head downstairs to catch the bus for either my first class of the day or work! It switches each day!

That’s basically the gist of what my mornings look like. I’m going to be honest this really doesn’t change besides on the weekends. Weekends I’m usually laid back and I sleep in and take my mornings very slow and kind of do whatever I want. I hope you liked this morning routine! Let me know what some things are that you do every morning that keeps you positive and productive for the rest of the day!


Emily Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Perfect College Morning Routine

  1. i always love reading about peoples routines and i love how you know yourself so well that you incorporate enough time so you don’t feel rushed!


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