100 Date Ideas

I asked you guys what kind of blogs you wanted to see and someone recommended to do one giving a ton of date ideas! So, I thought I would do my best to put together as many as I could think of!

  1. Skating
  2. Looking at Christmas lights
  3. Picnic
  4. Movies
  5. Dinner/Supper
  6. Board Games
  7. Drinking Games
  8. Make a meal together
  9. Study together
  10. Go to Barnes & Noble and read together
  11. Coffee Shop
  12. Amusement Park
  13. Shopping for each other
  14. Finding each other new perfumes/cologne together
  15. Road trip
  16. Hiking
  17. Working out
  18. Snowboarding
  19. Sledding
  20. Long walk
  21. Ping Pong
  22. Camping
  23. Try something new together – yoga, painting, etc.
  24. Swimming
  25. Bowling
  26. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  27. Sports games
  28. Concerts
  29. Go through your yearbooks
  30. Wash each other’s cars
  31. Go to an art gallery
  32. Tour your own city or a new one
  33. Take silly online quizzes
  34. Binge a TV show
  35. Play a sport together
  36. Map out your dream house
  37. Try science experiments (use caution)
  38. Thrift store crawl (or any crawl you like)
  39. Plant a garden
  40. Bingo
  41. Scavenger hunt
  42. Wine tasting
  43. Test out free games from the app store
  44. DIY project
  45. Go to an arcade
  46. Go to a dealership and look at cars
  47. Play old school games like MASH
  48. Go to a zoo
  49. Go to a museum
  50. Mini Golf
  51. Laser tag
  52. Do a huge puzzle and see how long it takes you
  53. Plan a dream vacation
  54. Donate blood
  55. Go rock climbing
  56. Go skydiving or something crazy
  57. Make dream boards/goal lists
  58. Fishing
  59. Drive-in movie
  60. Make a music playlist
  61. Go to a farmer’s market
  62. Visit a national or state park
  63. Try an escape room
  64. Put a lego kit together
  65. Go to a shooting range
  66. Horseback riding
  67. Stargaze
  68. Watch the sunrise
  69. Pamper day – manicure & pedicures (guys need this trust me)
  70. Play truth or dare
  71. Rent a bike
  72. Make a ton of different cocktails – homemade
  73. Test your luck at the casino
  74. Go clubbing/dancing
  75. Make a fort
  76. Learn a new language…or try to
  77. Go boating/tubing/jet-skiing
  78. Get a couple’s massage
  79. Go to a comedy show
  80. Print, frame, and hang your favorite photos
  81. Relive your first date
  82. Go to brunch
  83. Color in a coloring book…drunk?
  84. Watch the sunset
  85. Have a bonfire and have s’mores
  86. Try video games
  87. Have a cookout – grill burgers, kabobs, potatoes
  88. Then play yard games!
  89. Stay in a hotel for a night – order room service, sit at the bar, or lay in bed!
  90. Pick an event going on in your local area – go mingle!!
  91. Double date with friends, parents, or siblings!
  92. Go to a haunted house
  93. Set up a Christmas tree – start to finish
  94. Carve pumpkins
  95. Make the date night jar ideas at home! Write all the ideas on popsicle sticks to choose your next date!
  96. Babysit for someone – practice your parenting skills!
  97. Make gingerbread houses – vote for a winner on social media to make it more exciting!
  98. Go all out with ice cream – all the toppings!!
  99. Play the newlywed game
  100. Do things around the house you’ve been needing to do!


I hope you can find use in some of these date ideas and that you have lots of fun with your significant other. Honestly, a lot of these date ideas can be done by yourself or with a friend! I don’t want to become a blog all about a relationship though so please, take what you can from this list no matter what your relationship status is! Nurture all your relationships because they are ALL important. Leave some of your date ideas below!

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