What 2018 Taught Me

I thought it would be fun to do the “Instagram Top 9” because everyone else was doing it and I wanted to see what mine would be! So, I went to the site and typed in my information and waited for my top 9. When it finally showed up there was a realization that hit me and it brought me to tears. My top 9 pictures were a perfect reflection of what this year has taught me. It taught me self-confidence, independence, the success in getting outside of my comfort zone, and that being happy is the most beautiful thing you can be.

In 2018, I started this blog. I took the leap and did something I have always wanted to do but was so extremely terrified to do in fear that people would make fun of me or nobody would read it. I grew my blog and stuck with a consistent upload schedule. I spent hours curating content ahead of time to ensure that there was never a week with no blog post. I  spent hours coming up with different ideas so my readers wouldn’t get bored. My blog has taught me that I can accomplish way more than I think I can, people who really care about you will be supportive no matter what, and sometimes things worth doing are really hard work. I couldn’t be more proud of how far my blog has come!

In 2018, I started putting myself out there more on Instagram to try and become an influencer. I did collaborations, got paid for collaborations, learned how to use a camera, learned how to edit, learned how to use Instagram data to better create and promote my page, and learned that some people don’t understand and that’s okay! Putting myself out there taught me that my voice can be used to help other people get through life a little easier, a picture can capture so much more than words, and if people truly love you they will support you even if they don’t understand what you’re doing.

In 2018, I got a fricken tattoo. I still can’t believe it sometimes because I am such a chicken when it comes to stuff like this. I was so terrified that people wouldn’t like me after I got one or people wouldn’t respect me as much or my family wouldn’t love me anymore. I’m serious, these were actual thoughts running through my head. I finally just did it. I made the appointment and did it and I seriously couldn’t be happier.

In 2018, I learned to feel more confident in my own skin. I embraced my blemishes and tried laser treatment for the first time to help me get rid of what I couldn’t on my own. I started meal prepping and trying to embrace my stretch marks, pudge, and curves. I tried finding something I liked about my appearance instead of saying what I hated instantly. I spread that positivity to other people which in turn made me more positive to myself.

In 2018, I fully embraced being single. I celebrated the nights alone curled up binging Netflix. The nights where I could do whatever I wanted because I didn’t have anyone waiting on me. I could talk to different guys and figure out what I liked and what I wanted. I was able to nail down what things I couldn’t accept and what I really deserved. I rejoiced in the nights I was surrounded by friends who love me unconditionally and just soaked in the love.

I think this year has brought me the most happiness and the most obstacles. I can’t believe it’s already over but I am so thankful for 2018. Thank you for pushing me and making me stronger. For showing me that fear is only stopping me from growing. Thank you 2018 and hello 2019!


Emily Elizabeth

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