What I Got For Christmas 2018

A lot of YouTubers I watch always do a video on Christmas Day telling everyone what they got for Christmas. It’s one of their highly requested videos usually and I always love watching them because it’s fun to see what everyone asked for or what things they were surprised with. Sometimes there is backlash because people think they’re bragging but honestly, if that’s what you think you can just click right out of this blog or video! Nobody wants to brag and nobody is trying to be better than anyone. This is just a fun new blog post to share! I’m only going to mention what I got from my parent, sisters, and Santa because otherwise this list would be way too long!

Ugg Boots

These were honestly the one thing that I asked for because they are so cute, warm, and grippy so my ass doesn’t fall on the ice again! Yeah, I fell on the ice on campus and landed on my water bottle which broke. LOL. I like that they are cute enough to wear with all my outfits and they are still purposeful. Still in love with them.

Nike Sweatshirt 

I’m always a sucker for the cowl neck sweatshirts and I’m always looking for new comfortable pieces for my closet. This one doesn’t need much explaining but I love me some sweatshirts.

Victoria’s Secret Silk Robe

I’m pretty sure I have wanted a silk robe from Victoria’s Secret for like years now and I finally got one! It honestly makes me feel so extra but I love it. There is something so luxurious about a silk robe.

Unwritten Flower Necklace

This was another thing I really wanted for Christmas because I had one of these before but it broke and I honestly think I shed a tear for it. It is so darn cute and goes with absolutely anything you’re wearing. But basically this necklace also symbolizes that life is beautiful and to stop and treasure it which is a reminder everyone could use.

Picture Frame

My sister got really sentimental on me and framed a picture of us 3 with a sweet message on the back. I love my sisters to the moon and back. Couldn’t live a day without them!

Levi Shirts

I have no idea why but I looooove the simple Levi’s shirts. They are so darn cute and you can dress them up or down and really require minimal thought.

North Face Shirt

My mom surprised me with this one and I love it! I love that soft pink and you can never go wrong with extra shirts.

The Greatest Showman Movie

I begged and begged for this movie because I love it so much. I have watched it in theaters about 4 times and I just can’t get enough. I jam out to the soundtrack often and I seriously love this movie with my whole heart. If you haven’t watched it, please do.

Water Bottle

As I said in the beginning, I broke my previous water bottle so I needed another one! I love these ones because they are slimming and keep things cool! Plus it’s green which I love!

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel & Lotion Set

I really wanted this scent’s set because it smells super good and I have a body wash from target that sucks currently in my shower so I figured it was time to upgrade! I can’t wait to put this on and then my silk robe and feel super rich for about 15 minutes. Glorious.


Emily Elizabeth



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