Making The Most of Being Single

I think so many people hype up being in a relationship, which don’t get me wrong, it is quite amazing but people often overlook how great being single is. There are so many opportunities for self growth and development and it really should just be relished in. If you’re single, this blog post is for you. Even if you are in a relationship, you can be reminded that you need to focus on yourself too! I hope you love this blog because I am so dang passionate about it! Also, I have been living the single life for more than four years now so I’ve gotten really good at it! Here are my best tips:

1.Concentrate on your relationships. 

When we get engrossed in a romantic relationship we tend to neglect the other types of relationships in our lives. It’s not necessarily a bad thing and your friends and family will understand that your attention is elsewhere and will just be happy for you BUT when you do have that extra time to put in some more effort, you should! I focused for years on being a better friend, sister, daughter, student, and coworker. I tried to text/call the people I loved more often to let them know I’m thinking of them, I thought of little gift ideas for them for no reason at all, I spent extra time listening to them when they needed it. For real though, giving and receiving love from these other people in your lives will make you happy!

2. Do those things you’ve been putting off.

When you’re in a relationship a lot of your time is taken up doing things with that other person and you kind of put of those things you want to do or get done because they just aren’t your priority at the moment. So, when you have that extra time you can get those things checked off your list! It’ll make you feel accomplished which in turn makes you feel good.

3. Do some self development. 

This can mean a lot of different things for people but my version meant that I focused on writing in my journal, reading self-help books, learning new skills, trying new things, taking time so self-reflect, getting sure on things I liked, disliked, and valued. It can be hard to really know yourself when there is someone else there influencing you so take this time to really understand who you are!

4. Explore. 

This really can depend on whatever you want to do! But, go out on dates, talk to different people, go out, dance, and let go! Be open minded and let yourself have fun! You aren’t tied down to one person now so enjoy it.

5. love, Love, LOVE yourself.

You spend a lot of time in a relationship being told all of the things someone loves about you and you are probably complimented quite a bit of the time and when you become single it can be a very hard adjustment to not hear those things. Instead of trying to find someone else to say those things to you, say them to yourself. I don’t mean just saying them to say them, I mean truly, genuinely, and completely saying them and meaning them. This one might take awhile but I promise it’s probably the most important and rewarding one!

6. Take yourself out on dates.

I love this one! You’re going to be really unsure of what to do with so much extra time but why not use it for yourself? Go to the movies and get that large popcorn, go to a coffee shop and get a damn cake pop, go to your favorite place to eat and order dessert at the end, or take a day trip to your favorite city and get a hotel room with a great tub! You deserve love and the best kind of love is self love.

7. Be spontaneous. 

Make the most of the time that you have not to have to check in with someone or compare schedules to make sure you didn’t already have set plans. So, go ahead and make plans last minute and let yourself have fun!

8. Find your joy. 

Go take some new classes, try new things, take risks and just figure out what the heck brings you happiness and then do it often! You’ll enjoy your time doing it now when you’re single but when you do get into another relationship you will know what will be your thing and maybe you can even enjoy it with your new significant other!

I honestly have enjoyed every single year I have had being single. Yes, I had lonely nights and doubts but now that I am in a relationship again I can truly say that it has made me who I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have become stronger, wiser, and more confident. I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what I value and need in a relationship. I know what I won’t stand for and what I can compromise on. I know me and that’s the best thing I can do.


Emily Elizabeth

One thought on “Making The Most of Being Single

  1. I am very proud of you Emily! You have your head on straight and seem happy with your life. I am glad to call you my friend. Love Vivi


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