Typical Day In The Life of a College Student

My guilty pleasure has always been watching YouTube videos and especially vloggers. I have no clue why I find enjoyment in watching other people’s lives but I do! It honestly feels like you have a friend in someone else because you are seeing what they are doing in a day and it makes you feel like you are there with them. I’m not a YouTuber but I thought I could still do a day in the life but blog edition! I could show you pictures of things I do throughout the day and maybe write a little bit under them. I hope you like this blog post and it gets you to know me a little better!


My day starts with me in the bathroom washing my face, curling my hair, and doing my makeup for the day! I have always been someone who has to get fully ready before I drink coffee, eat breakfast, or scroll through my social medias. I have such a fear of not having enough time to get ready and being rushed that I always like to make sure I get the necessities done before anything else!

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Lately, I’ve been living for the same outfit each day. A sweater, jeans, cute socks, and my boots! It’s comfortable, cozy, and cute! You really can’t go wrong with it.

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I never leave my room without filling my travel mug with coffee. This is what makes me excited to wake up every morning, not even being dramatic here. I looooove my coffee! I’m also really into mocha creamers lately – so yummy!

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I have an advertising class in the mornings on MWF and we do so many different things in there! Currently, we are working on a group project for a client and it’s kind of kicking my butt!

Peer Mentor Job

I have 3 jobs and on this day I had 2 hours at my TRIO Peer Mentor job. It usually depends on the day what my tasks are but usually they consist of meetings, emails, and organizing files! If i’m lucky I get to work on some of my own homework which is always super nice!

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Around noon I usually eat my lunch! My lunch always consists of quinoa, chicken, and some sort of veggies! I flavor my quinoa with mustard and lemon and it makes it really yummy! It’s a great source of nutrition and my meals are always ready to go when I meal prep at the beginning of the week!

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Snack Time

Depending on when I ate my lunch I usually eat some sort of snack around 1:30 or 2! Today, I had a Nature Valley bar but each day is different. Sometimes I have carrots, broccoli, granola bar, muffin, or even candy!

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Jessie Blue

On Wednesdays I go into work for the second shift. I love love working at Jessie Blue because it’s so different from the other boutiques downtown. We focus on experience and relationships. We want to make sure our customers feel beautiful walking out of our store and wearing our pieces. Come visit us!!

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After work I’m usually starving and this night I had spaghetti! It was super super yummy. Each night is different though and I usually let myself kind of eat whatever the heck I want because yolo. Live life honey.

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TV Time

Usually for two hours a night I like to relax and watch either YouTube videos or something on Netflix. This is the time of night where I really like to unplug and not think about stuff for awhile. It is a really important part of my self care routine.

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Night Night

I usually head to bed around 11:30 or midnight depending on when I have to wake up the next morning. In order to feel your best for the next day you really need to set a strict sleeping schedule and make it a part of your daily routine.

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Well, there’s my day in pictures and a little snippet of a description. I hope you enjoyed! If you would like to see more of these posts let me know in the comments!


Emily Elizabeth

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