How I Meal Prepped

I’ve never been one to meal prep or do anything like that because I just really never knew how to and I didn’t have the dedication for it. When I started this school year I realized I needed to start if I was going to accomplish being healthy and having more time every night to do other things I needed to start preparing things ahead of time.

 I started to pick a bunch of ingredients up but didn’t really have what I was going to make in mind until I got home but I tried to get as many healthy things as possible. I figured I needed smaller portions and snacks to get through the day being full, energized, and content to be able to my best in academics.

For the first week, I chose quinoa, broccoli/cauliflower, and chicken to eat for lunch and after I finished cooking everything I realized the quinoa was just a little too dull for me so I had to spice it up a bit. I added a little mustard and lemon and that made a huge difference in taste! I switched between string cheese and wheat thins and pretzel thins as snacks and put in two Dove dark chocolates to keep my cravings at bay.

The second week I chose sweet potatoes, chicken, and carrots. None of these ingredients really needed any added spices so that was a plus! I chose a fig bar as my snack to munch on because it’s tasty and filling! I also packed a La Croix and Mio flavoring as a treat if I wanted it otherwise I just drink water.

The next week I chose brown rice, kidney beans, and chicken to pack and added lemon and salt for flavor! I packed cucumbers as a snack with a little salt on top. I just drank water with my meal to help feel more satisfied and full when I was done.

I know I haven’t been doing it for very long and I’m definitely not a professional at it but I’m trying! You can’t get anywhere if you don’t start somewhere.


Emily Elizabeth

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