Top 5: Stress Relievers

I feel like no matter where you are in your life you know what it’s like to be stressed. It doesn’t matter if you and someone else is stressed because of something different, it usually all still feels the same. I think we often forget that everyone is going through something stressful and we forget to ask for help and tips. We all have tried different things to make our stress go away or lighten up and we probably all have found a few that we swear on. Here are mine:

1.Write it down.

This can mean a ton of different things but for me it means making lists/planning and journaling! If I make a list of all the things I need to get done by what date I find that I am better able to plan how much time I have, therefore making me less stressed. I am also less stressed when I do this because I know I’m not forgetting something which is usually the cause of people’s stress. You may think you’re getting everything done but there is underlying stress of worrying about forgetting something! Also, journaling when I’m stressed or overwhelmed ALWAYS lightens my load. I can usually feel the weight lifting off my shoulders when I write and I think that really says something!

2. Being with friends/family.

This ALWAYS works for me. I am also so anxious about time so sometimes I’m like, I don’t have time to hangout with my friends or call my parents/siblings right now but if you really think about it, you do. Why? If you’re stressed and overwhelmed you probably aren’t studying or working your best anyway! After you’ve had a little friend and family time your tank is full again, allowing you to work a little more effectively equalling more time for more fun stuff!


I am always one to get something done a week ahead of time and I know people always make fun of me for it but hey, I’m not the one freaking out trying to get an assignment done 2 hours before it’s due! My anxiety cannot handle that. Basically, don’t put yourself in positions to get stressed you know? Give yourself plenty of time to get something done and allow for questions and hiccups. I promise you will thank yourself for it later!

4. Mediate and breath. 

I always get rolling eyes or scoffs at this suggestion but it seriously works wonders. I used to do the same thing but once I truly started practicing meditation I realized it just takes a little focus and mindfulness. I promise, you are capable of it. I like to use the app Breathe because it asks how you are doing mentally and physically and then suggests guided meditations. I also like Insight Timer because it has SO many different mediations to choose from for any particular time or feeling. So please, check it out and truly try!

5. Positive Self Talk.

You might think this one is silly too but once I incorporated this in my daily life I truly have felt less stressed and overwhelmed and I’m telling you it’s been amazing. This can really be altered to your personal experience but for me it looks like, “You have enough time to accomplish this.” “You don’t need to spend 8 hours studying.” “You are going to do great on this test.” “You might be tired now but you will regret wasting that extra hour sleeping when you could have been studying so wake up.” “Not everything needs to be done right now.” “Take it one step at a time.”


I am sure you have all heard of these before but I hope my tips and suggestions within them are more helpful than a simple Google search. Sometimes I think hearing it from someone you know also makes a big difference! So, try them out because less stress = more happiness!


Emily Elizabeth

2 thoughts on “Top 5: Stress Relievers

  1. Being with friends and family is a big one for me. It’s such a good reminder that you do have other things going on and that whatever is stressing you out is probably not as important as the people who care about you and help you feel like yourself.


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