What I Wish I Knew In High School

High school is such a crazy, emotional, and lesson filled wild ride and sometimes it would be nice if someone was there to give you some advice to help navigate the ride. I am lucky enough to be the big sister to two amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and strong girls and I realize that not everyone has that. Some people don’t have a sibling that looks out for them or helps them get through the crazy obstacles high school brings. So, I decided to use this blog to be that big sister for everyone who needs it! I hope it brings you help, support, and encouragement.

1.Some “friends” aren’t really your friends.

I think in high school, especially coming from a small one, it becomes such a big deal to be friends with everyone. But, know you don’t have to be! Especially if they aren’t treating you like a real friend. Sometimes, it is okay to not be friends with everyone but that doesn’t mean there has to be drama involved. Be civil, be kind!

2. Your parents, they are your biggest fans.

In high school, your parents can kind of seem like party poopers because they won’t let you go here or do this but that is all a part of their job! They aren’t doing it to be no fun. Chances are, they are more heartbroken about it than you because it requires them to make you sad. So, give them a break and tell them you love them. Give them a hug. Hang out with them on Friday nights. Tell them about your hard day. Seriously, they are the best. The sooner you realize that the better!

3. When you find a good friend, hold onto them.

I was really lucky to have some really great friends in high school and they still are some of my best friends to this day. There will be people in high school that you find who are truly there for you, who care about you, and who would do anything for you. When you find them, you need to make sure you do anything you can to keep them! Don’t let boys/girls get in the way of your friendship. Here is a little shoutout though to my high school besties, I love you all and am so dang grateful for every single one of you.

4. Jealousy is the thief of joy.

I was full of jealousy during high school about so many different things and when I got to college I fixed that and I’ve never been happier. You’re going to be jealous of girls who date the guy you like, you’re going to be jealous of people who have more than you do, you’re going to be jealous of people who get better grades than you, you’re going to be jealous of girls who talk to your boyfriend, you’re going to be jealous of people who have the newest and coolest stuff but don’t let it consume you. Change the jealousy and turn it into motivation. I have noticed that the things and people I’m jealous of, it’s because I want to be like them or want things that they have. Instead of just letting the jealousy get the best of you, use it to get the best for you!

5. Learn to apologize when it’s necessary.

In high school I think we are so immature that we would rather be right and prove a point than just apologize and move on. That causes us to get into way too many fights and say too many mean things. If you know you did something that wasn’t nice, apologize. If you hurt someone’s feelings, even if you didn’t mean to, apologize. If you aren’t understanding why someone is hurt or upset, really put yourself in their shoes and apologize. I promise, you’ll feel better too!

6. Enjoy the little things.

There are so many events that go on during high school that might seem silly at the time but I promise you those are some of the most fun times you will have! It’s free, full of friends, and usually free of negative consequences. So, go to the dance and dance your heart away! You won’t get opportunities like that often.

7. Numbers do not define you.

High school comparisons can make you crazy about the scale and measurements but I promise you none of it matters. A number on a scale doesn’t tell the grade score you got on the hard test, it doesn’t tell the sweet comment you gave the girl in the hallway today, it doesn’t tell the points you scored at the ball game the night before. THE NUMBER DOES NOT MATTER.

8. Everything is temporary.

I think in high school we get so caught up in things that happen to us we let it consume us for far too long. If someone says something mean about us we let it bother us for months or we cry about it for a week when in reality it really doesn’t have to be that way. It all goes away quick and the sooner we realize the the sooner we are happy!

9. Boys do not define you.

High school is so revolved around boys and boys liking you that if they don’t, you can feel so terrible about yourself. I wish I knew how much that really didn’t matter. We all go through crushes and whether or not one person likes you doesn’t matter.

I hope that this advice helps you guide through the obstacles of high school and teaches you lessons before you even have to go through them. With this blog I truly do want you to feel like I am kind of your big sister and if you need any advice please feel free to reach out to me! I would love to lend a listening here or words of wisdom (tooting my own horn there a little) to anyone who needs it!

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