Fall Decor

I don’t know about you but the closer we get to the fall season the more excited I am to decorate for it. Especially, now that I have my own place it’s easier to do so and it just makes the autumn season less outdoor and more indoor! There are so many ways to decorate to make your home feel cozy and seasonal without breaking the bank.

  1. Dishtowels

These are so cheap most of the time and can really just add a little something to your kitchen. Hanging them from your stove or fridge just adds that little piece of fall you want! It can just be orange, have pumpkins, leaves, say “thankful” or “autumn”, whatever your heart desires!

2. Pumpkins

Okay for a long time I didn’t really like the look of pumpkins as decor but I think it was also because I’m so OCD about colors matching and orange isn’t usually a color that fits well with a person’s home color themes. BUT things are so modern now that you can get colored pumpkins or glittered pumpkins and even pumpkins of a hundred different sizes! So, go ahead and add a few to each one of your rooms to add to the festivities!

3. Floral Arrangements

You can buy super cheap floral stems from Walmart or Hobby Lobby to put in a little vase that will add a lot of color to a room! You can get some that have leaves or pumpkins or gourds or cattails! The possibilities are endless!

4. Signs

You can create your own signs or buy signs that have cute fall sayings but still fit into your color scheme. They are super easy to put up and take down at the beginning and end of the season.

5. Lights

There are leaf lights, pumpkin lights, ghost lights, bat lights and pretty much anything your heart desires that can add a little fun to a room! They usually look best by a window or in a dark room but again, do whatever you please! Usually they are pretty cheap too so don’t worry about that!

6. Candles

Obviously these are more than just decor cause they can make that cozy feeling even more realistic with their amazing smells. Now days though the candles are a great decor piece because their cases are usually really seasonal and themed and can add a little color to your place!

7. Wreaths

Okay these are one of my favorite decor pieces because there are some intricate and beautiful ones out there that can’t help but make you smile. They are really easy put up and take down too and use for a long time.

8. Place Mats

These aren’t ones that I love but they are an easy way to decorate and some people love them! There are many options of styles of these too and I’m sure they aren’t that expensive!

9. Patterned Blankets

I don’t know about you but I love me some cozy blankets to make me feel warm and in the fall season! You can usually pack these away when the season is over too and break them out for the fall or just any time you have guests over for an extra blanket!

These are just a few of the many fall decor pieces you can use to spice up your home to make you feel cozy every day! It also doesn’t have to break the bank in order to make your home lively for the season! Go check out different stores and find your perfect fall pieces!


Emily Elizabeth

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