Music Playlist: My Current Jams

Lately, I have been on a music kick where I am listening to music almost every second of the day I can. I’ve been getting back into older jams, finding new ones, and just loving the world of music right now. There are so many great songs with even better lyrics to make you belt your heart out or some are just to get you really pumped for the day. Either way, here are my jams I am dancing and singing to in my bathroom lately!

  1. Girl Like You – Jason Aldean
  2. Rumor – Lee Brice
  3. Turnin’ Me On – Blake Shelton
  4. Youngblood – 5 Seconds of Summer
  5. I Think I’m In Love – Kat Dahlia
  6. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Backstreet Boys
  7. Mine – Bazzi
  8. broken – lovelytheband
  9. Your Side of The Bed – Loote
  10. Sit Next To Me – Foster The People
  11. Way Down We Go – Kaleo
  12. Eastside – benny blanco, Halsey, Khalid
  13. Remind Me to Forget – Kygo, Miguel
  14. Silence – Marshmellow
  15. Bad Intentions – Niykee Heaton
  16. Push – Matchbox Twenty
  17. 3AM – Matchbox Twenty
  18. One Week – Barenaked Ladies
  19. Drowns The Whiskey – Jason Aldean
  20. Burning Man – Dierks Bentley

I usually listen to all my songs on Spotify because it’s super easy to find new songs with playlists they already have created and there is no ads when you buy the premium which is super cheap as a student! But, the Pandora station Matchbox Twenty is super good and usually plays ALL good songs. You’ll probably think so too if you like that type of music.

As you can see my musical genres are all over the place! I’m hoping that means that each one of my readers can find at least one song on this list that they will love too! Comment your favorite songs right now or ones you can’t help but sing to!


Emily Elizabeth

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