Top 5: Fall Favorites

As the fall season is in full swing right about now I thought this blog post was pretty fitting. I definitely have to say that fall is my favorite season by far and my favorites are just a few of the reasons why!

1.sweaters, Sweaters, SWEATERS

I love being able to bundle up in a comfy sweater to just relax or feel less miserable about sitting in a classroom being lectured at. Another reason I love them is they seriously look good with anything for any occasion. You can dress a sweater up or down and make it work for any situation. They also aren’t super tight fitting which is always a plus for me.

2.  Moisturizer

Okay and I don’t mean a cheap, basically water moisturizer. I am talking about the good, deep moisturizing, intense moisturizer that basically makes you feel like you are bathing in honey. When the cooler weather comes around you have to make sure you are moisturizing regularly, yes, even if you have oily skin. It helps your skin regulate it’s natural oils properly so it actually helps your skin become less oily. Plus, it helps your makeup apply more evenly and smoothly because you will have less dry skin!

3. Hot Chocolate & Cookies

I am a sucker for some good hot chocolate to wind down at night and the occasional themed sugar cookies that you can get from Walmart! They are just so darn good and fun to eat to treat yourself during the spooky season! Sometimes to spice things up I put marshmallows or mint in my hot chocolate! It’s super yummy!

4. Booties

These are basically my fall and winter season fashion staples. They are always so comfortable and you can wear them with any outfit possible. You really only need two pairs too and I usually choose black and brown but I recently purchased olive too! That was a fun switch up for my wardrobe. Depending on the type of booty you buy you can also find some that will keep you warm on the really cold days!

5. Candles

Unfortunately, while I am at school I don’t burn them very often cause I’m always afraid to but when I’m at home I always do. I love the way they make the room smell and how cozy they make it feel. There are always so many good smells too and I am such a sucker for the mahogany teakwood scent from Bath & Body Works!

  I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post! Let me know what fall favorites you have and can’t live without!


Emily Elizabeth

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