How I Edit My Instagram Pictures: Beginner’s Guide to Perfect Photos

With Instagram becoming huge recently so many people are wondering, how do you edit your Instagram pictures? How do you create a theme with your feed? Just a year ago I was asking the same questions and wracking my brain trying to figure out how to start this. Finally, I found what I liked and stuck to it!

I searched and searched for a theme I liked on Pinterest to be able to have something to kind of recreate. Some pins actually give you a step by step to recreate a theme you like! I asked other influencers what they used and some of them used Lightroom which costs money and to be honest I’m not about that right now! I was just starting out and I didn’t even know what I wanted yet so I wanted to go on the cheaper side.

I finally chose VSCO to edit my pictures and that has worked out so well for me! But, because each picture is different depending on lighting and shadows so you have to go inside the overall filter and adjust things within it light exposure, contrast, saturation, and clarity. I use the preset A6 because I think it helps bring out all of the colors in the pictures while not being obnoxious. I also liked this one because it best highlighted all of my pictures which was nice because I don’t want to not post a picture just because my preset doesn’t look good with it!

Here are some examples of my edit before and after for you to see:








I think the preset just brightens the colors and gives for a fun look! Let me know what you think of the preset!


Emily Elizabeth

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