Top 5: Instagram Influencers

As Instagram is getting more and more active more and more people are trying to become Instagram influencers and I’m going to be honest, I love it! It’s amazing to see so many content creators putting their work out there and inspiring other people. Most of the time their content is so creative and fun that Instagram has become more of an entertaining platform than anything. The more and more I have gotten involved in it I have found some amazing influencers along the way. Here are a few of my favorites (in no specific order):

1.M’Kenna Joe (mkennajoe)

I found her pretty shortly after I started working on my Instagram game on the explorer page. I first just loved her haircut at the time and kind of just blew it off but every single time I looked at the explorer page I found her! I knew that it was time I just followed her because let’s face it, she’s got a great feed with amazing content. But, the longer I followed her the more I realized that she was a funny, authentic, genuine, sassy, and helpful person. I would message her and ask her questions since I was just starting out and knew she had the wisdom for it and she was always so kind to help me. Seriously, quit wasting time and check her out!

2. Maria Helen 

So, I had found her really quickly because she went to NDSU too so we had a lot of mutual friends. She also had a blog which at the time I was seriously considering doing but was really scared to because I didn’t know what people would think. Then, she did a presentation on her blog and her experience in a club I’m in and I was seriously inspired. I followed her right away and quickly tried to ask her as many questions as I could about a blog and Instagram. I was afraid I’d annoy her eventually but she was always so nice about it and always gave me such real answers which I appreciated because it wasn’t like she didn’t want to help other influencers, she was encouraging them. I also loved her content because she had so many fun outfits, poses, and captions. Her work kept inspiring me to work harder on my own.

3. Adelia Lauren

Her Instagram is so cute! Such pink tones which is really popular right now. She also has a blog that contains so much great content that I read all the time! She is also super down to earth and engages with her followers all the time! She’s really consistent which I also appreciate because there’s always something new to see of hers! She has also helped me out a ton of times and she’s so sweet. Seriously, I’ve never met a sweeter person!

4. Alexandra (up_north_blonde)

I just found her through Kittsona’s Instagram page because she is one of their representative’s and I instantly fell in love with her effortless style and she’s also a mama of 4 kiddos and that’s insane! She is such a girl boss making a name for herself all while taking care of little ones which is a huge job in itself. She also supports beginner influencers and bloggers and I appreciate that so much. We can’t get anywhere without mutual support!

5. Leslie (dear.kindred)

I found her through my job at Jessie Blue as she is an influencer for them and I have been hooked on her content since. Her photos are absolutely stunning and continues to impress me with every new post. She has such incredible poses and outfits she puts together and it inspires me on the daily. Her edits on her photos are extremely incredible as well. Honestly, I can’t get enough of her feed! Such a great content creator.

I have found so many content creators in the last year and they all don’t get enough credit. I know for a fact they don’t get enough likes, comments, and love for their hard work because it happens to me too! There is so much time and effort put in to each picture, caption, and stories and it’s hard to see that in just a few seconds on Instagram. So, if you love someone’s work, go out and tell them today. Send them a quick message or leave them a really thoughtful comment on your favorite photo they’ve posted!


Emily Elizabeth

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